HALO Fall 2017 Scholarship Now Open

2017 Fall Scholarship Contest Announcement | HALO Branded SolutionsIt’s that time of year again… Fall Scholarship Time! It might be the middle of summer, but anyone still in school knows that fall semester is just around the corner. As students stock up on school supplies and incoming college freshmen prep for the big move to campus, HALO is searching for rising marketing superstars. We’re looking for enthusiastic, creative students who demonstrate a passion for marketing, advertising and/or communications.

A career in marketing doesn’t have to have “marketing” in the title, but many people start thinking and acting like a marketer even before they choose a career. If you know a high school senior or undergraduate student who pays extra attention to commercials, how a brand presents itself at events or the latest public relations moves of a particular company, then let them know about this contest.

HALO’s awarding three prizes: 1st place – $1,500, 2nd place – $1,000 and 3rd place – $500.  Applicants must fulfill requirements as described in the official rules of the HALO Scholarship Contest and answer one of the following three essay prompts. Pass this information to eligible students so they can start thinking about the questions now and apply early.

  1. Describe your favorite use of promotional products by a company or organization. What was the product? Why was it a positive addition to the brand’s marketing campaign? Explain how it was integrated with other marketing pieces and how it affected your relationship with the brand.(Example: You received your favorite bag while volunteering in your community or you saw a “street team” promoting a new beverage with samples and water bottles.)
  2. Describe a community branding event done well. What organization or brand hosted the event? What was the objective? How were promotional products incorporated? Was the objective met? If so, what helped make the event a success? If not, could the brand improve the event next time?
  3. Give an example of a product launch (or new brand launch) done well. What brand/product was it? Who was the target audience and how did the brand attempt to reach that audience to make a lasting impression? What marketing materials (ads, promotional products, etc.) were used in the campaign?

For some inspiration, check out our past winners’ essays:

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