HALO Spring 2017 Scholarship Winner – Third Place

Congratulations to Lindsey R. of Indiana for winning third place in the Spring 2017 HALO Scholarship Contest. Lindsey is a Healthcare Management Major studying to be a medical sales rep, so marketing is often top of mind. “Learning about the healthcare industry is [important] because it is always good to learn about your target [audience] so you know the best ways to market to them,” Lindsey said. “My current classes allow me to learn about the [desires] of healthcare facilities so that I can fulfill their needs effectively with the products I will be selling.”

Spring 2017 Scholarship - Third Place | HALO Branded Solutions

Lindsey R. from Indiana won third place in HALO’s Spring 2017 Scholarship Contest.

You can read Lindsey’s winning essay below.

Essay topic: Describe your favorite use of promotional products by a company or organization. What was the product? Why was it a positive addition to the brand’s marketing campaign? (Example: You received your favorite bag while volunteering in your community or you saw a “street team” promoting a new beverage with samples and water bottles.)


My favorite use of promotional products by a company was Coca-Cola at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. There were thousands of brands on site advertising in one way or another but Coca-Cola managed to stand out. When you are in 90 degree weather all day doing a lot of walking, there is nothing you want more than an ice cold beverage and something to shield your eyes from the sun. Coca-Cola was the only company that was offering free drinks in the entire venue as well as free sunglasses. I thought that this was a very good way to promote their products because they gave you things you needed most that incorporated their best selling product and their brand name.

Lollapalooza is a huge music festival with numerous food and drink vendors. The average price for a bottled drink was around $5. Any food vendor selling water or Coca-Cola would be charging around this much. Coca-Cola was strategically positioned at the midway point where all the food vendors were. This way whenever you walked the long distance from anywhere in the park to the food area and you are fiending for a cold beverage your needs were satisfied. This was a positive addition to the brand’s marketing campaign because Coca-Cola’s signature product is Coca-Cola, the beverage they were offering has their name on it so people won’t forget the brand, it was being given away for free when people needed it most, and it was being handed out next to the other food vendors. This was the perfect strategy for a successful promotion.

Coca-Cola really outdid itself by including a free pair of sunglasses featuring the Coca-Cola logo with every free Coke. Sunglasses at Lollapalooza were $30 in the gift store and other art vendors were selling them for around the same price. The weather that day was 90 degrees and it was very sunny out. This was a very useful product being given out along with a cold beverage all for free. This was a great marketing campaign because when you are handed a Coca- Cola and free sunglasses you will remember Coca-Cola, and when you drink the Coke in hot weather you will most likely want to go and buy another one because it is so cold and refreshing. That is exactly what I did afterwards!

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