HALO’s 2017 Summer Inbox


Recently, HALO’s sales force shipped out its Summer Inbox mailer to current and prospective clients all across the country.

HALO’s inbox is similar to popular subscription mail programs that are directed to very specific target audiences, such as the Birchbox, Dollar Shave Club, and StitchFix’s Fashion Box. Each selection contains new and popular products, great specials, and HALO’s award-winning promotional brochures.

These mailers are available for our sales force to order 3 times per year and presents a great opportunity to introduce our company to prospective clients to give them a taste of some of the trendiest promos in the industry.

HALO’s Summer Inbox included items from some of our preferred suppliers such as BIC Graphic, Hub Pen, PCNA, Illini and Logomark.

Without further hesitation, let’s take a look and see what’s inside:


As you can see our Summer Inbox came with an array of products, lets break down what each of those items were.

There first thing you probably noticed was our product information card, which congratulates the recipient on being selected to receive our inbox mailer and includes the Account Executive’s name and contact information. The other side of the card lists names, descriptions, item numbers and minimums of each product inside. Take a closer look at the card here: Summer Inbox Product Information Card

Following the product information card is one of HALO’s BrandED catalogs, each Inbox mailing includes the newest edition of our BrandED catalog, which is released quarterly click here to view our latest issue.


Next comes the products, first up is a Bottle Opener Coaster, supplied by Illini. This square shaped coaster combines fun with practicality. Customers can keep the party going, without leaving rings on the furniture.


Following this are Melodia Stereo Earbuds supplied by Logomark. Featuring a protective clear case with silicone top and 50mm carabiner clip, your brand will travel to the office and beyond.


BIC Graphic Included a 6″ X 4″ Adhesive Notepad. Using a vibrant 4 color process print, this notepad will be something your customers reach for time and time again.






To complement the notepad, Hub Pen included a Maxglide Click Corporate Pen.  This bold writing instrument features a translucent barrel that contrasts the trim in five corporate colors. Perfect for any occasion!





inbox-bagLast, but certainly not least, is PCNA’s Trenz Tote-To-Cinch Bag. Seamlessly transition from shopping to the gym with this game changing bag. The tote-to-cinch feature allows for effortless strap conversion.


Interested in attaining a HALO Inbox? Contact your local Account Executive to share your interest! If you are an Account Executive, keep your eyes peeled. A notification will be sent out in mid-August to place your orders for our upcoming Fall Inbox offering!

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