Help Your Brand “Go Green” With Eco-Friendly Water Bottles


Choosing more sustainable manufacturing and marketing methods isn’t a move that’s merely good for the planet. As millennials transition to become the largest spending demographic they are also pushing corporations to align with their values. 66% of customers are willing to spend more and try new products from sustainable brands, so going green is now your top business strategy.

When choosing a promotional product for your next campaign or event, consider investing in affordable eco-friendly water bottles. Here are three reasons why reusable water bottles work wonders for your brand:


HALO offers a wide selection of affordable reusable bottles, including some of these best-sellers:

Folding Water Bottle


Our unique folding water bottle is designed to flatten for easy transport, making it a great choice for hikers, explorers and athletes who need to hydrate on-the-go. The eco-friendly folding water bottle features a convenient built-in carry handle and a 50mm aluminum carabiner so it can attach to a utility belt or backpack. Choose between seven vibrant colors decorated with your logo.

HALO Bestie Bottle


Our Bestie, BPA-free sports bottle was molded in the U.S. and can fit a great deal of liquid — 26 ounces — to fuel athletes during rigorous events. Perfect for a sweltering day, the HALO Bestie Bottle comes with four location imprints so you can communicate multiple messages while including all of your trademark logos and slogans.

Stainless Steel Bottle


Our top-selling vacuum-sealed stainless steel bottle features an inner and outer double wall to maintain beverage temperature longer for both hot and cold drinks. All parts including the screw-on, spill-resistant lid are BPA-free. Provide your loyal customers with the ultimate alternative to plastic water bottles with this high-quality, eco-friendly, reusable water  bottle.


Give away eco-friendly water bottles as part of a company-wide initiative to go green and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability in the eyes of consumers. Talk to your HALO Account Executive for more ideas on going green through promotional products.

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