How Game of Thrones Uses Promotional Products

Winter finally came to Westeros, but many of the Lannisters, Starks, and Greyjoys are still battling and scheming over the Iron Throne. Don’t they know there is a horde of white walkers threatening their very existence? The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14, and diehard fans will finally learn if Daenerys, Jon Snow, or the Night King comes out on top.

There are many marketing tactics used to promote the HBO series, from big-budget trailers to social media campaigns to cast interviews and more. However, we’d like to talk about our favorite type of marketing: promotional products!

This hugely popular TV show demonstrates the universal appeal of promotional products to boost brand awareness and connect with potential customers. The various types of promotional products that HBO uses to promote Game of Thrones illustrates how you can take a similar, creative approach to your marketing.

While GOT promos appear highly customized, this is all due to the creative approach to the design — the types of promotional products they use are the same ones you can also use for your branding initiatives!

Promotional Drinkware

got drinkwear

Official Game of Thrones mug, shot glasses, replica dragon goblet and coasters. Image source:

The Game of Thrones universe is vast, so there are plenty of popular phrases and imagery that can be applied to the most popular styles of promotional drinkware. GOT drinkware pays homage to the many houses in the kingdoms, highlights popular characters like Tyrion Lannister, and replicates the “real” items used in the show.

Your brand can leverage promotional drinkware for your next campaign. Just add your mascot, logo or tagline to a glass or branded mug. If you’re hosting a special event create a commemorative item to encourage attendees to keep it for months afterward. Consider drinkware accessories, too, like creative coasters in a custom shape or bottle openers and toppers.

Promotional Food and Drink

Game of Thrones has even created a series of beers inspired by the show. Like this idea? Consider adding custom label wine bottles to your marketing mix. They’re a unique gift for executives and top clients.

With promotional food or drinks, taste is everything. Your branding is generally limited to the packaging, and once the food or drink is consumed all the recipient will remember is how it tasted. When choosing candy, chocolate or other promotional food, ask for samples before ordering and choose branded food items with high-quality ingredients.


Official Game of Thrones umbrella. Image source:

Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas offer a large imprint area for your brand message, but you can also add signature touches like modifying the handle. GOT used the handle of one of their promotional umbrellas to replicate the sword hilt of Jon Snow’s infamous sword Longclaw.

Perhaps a sword hilt doesn’t fit into your branding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your promotional umbrellas. Ask about handle imprint options, imprinting on the underside, custom shapes and bags. Those extra touches will further connect your brand to the product in the mind of the recipient.

got office

Official Game of Thrones dragon’s eggs book ends, Official Game of Thrones House Targaryen journal, Official Game of Thrones USB drive. Image source:

Promotional Office Accessories & Tech

Books are a big part of the GOT universe — the lore of Westeros is told in ancient texts galore, so promotional office items like bookends and journals are a clear fit. But how does a USB drive fit into the GOT universe? It doesn’t, at least not directly. But GOT made it work by creating USB drives shaped like popular characters. Almost anyone can use a USB drive, and if it’s in the shape of one of their favorite characters they’re likely to use it more often and show their friends.

When appealing to your audience with tech and office items think about their daily lives. People keep promotional items that are useful. Remembering this small tip can keep your promo items on someone’s desk instead of in the filing cabinet collecting dust.

got apparel

Official Game of Thrones Renly Baratheon crown, Official Game of Thrones Eddard Stark peascod, Official Game of Thrones t-shirt. Image source:

Promotional Apparel

Capes and replica costumes work well for a TV series, but you’ll notice that GOT uses traditional promotional apparel as well. From t-shirts to hoodies, there’s something for every fan. If something thematic works for your brand (like a crown) go for it. Quirky apparel items will generate plenty of buzz.

There’s nothing wrong with ordering streamlined, standard promotional clothing. You want people to continue to wear your promo many times, and often the most popular clothing options are the most reliable.

GOT is a behemoth brand backed by an even bigger company, but their promotional product marketing strategy isn’t much different from any other business. We have thousands of product options to meet your promotional needs. Contact a HALO Account Executive and start planning your next promotion.

And remember to stay warm… winter has arrived in Westeros.

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