How Many Promotional Products Should I Order?

When it comes to ordering promotional items, quantifying your expectations is key to making your budget stretch as far as possible. You can save even more on quality promos by ordering in bulk quantities, ensuring you don’t run out of giveaways at your next trade show. You also don’t want to end up with 200 more umbrellas than you would ever need and finding your company eating the cost.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to tell you exactly how many promotional products you should order for your next round of marketing efforts. Instead, follow our guidelines to get a handle on basic numbers so you can order with confidence.

Use Existing Data

Chances are you’re not starting from scratch with your marketing. If you are organizing an event, did you host a similar event last year? Read the registration lists and final metrics from that event to get a good idea of how many people will attend. This will give you a ballpark number of how many giveaways like water bottles and tote bags you should have on hand.

This also applies when you’re not heading to a trade show, but simply ordering leave-behind promos for your sales team or stocking the office with branded office supplies. Talk to the head of HR or your office manager to see if you have data from last year on how many promotional items your organization ordered, and how many were used. This will help you make adjustments and order the optimal number of promotional products.

Look at Your Calendar

The volume of promos you order will depend on your marketing schedule and how aggressive a push your brand is making this year. Are you hitting one trade show or event per month? In that case, it’s more cost-effective to order multi-purpose promos like pens and hats in bulk. You will save on overall costs and stock your office with transportable giveaways that create a lasting impression. Hats alone generate over 3,000 impressions each!

Limit Orders for Specialized Campaigns

Targeted campaigns – like an eco-friendly Earth Day campaign or a healthcare-forward Nurses Week campaign – present unique opportunities to show appreciation for niche clients or to improve the sentiment toward your brand. However, these specialized campaigns have an explicit expiration date, so order a conservative amount of promos to make your dollar stretch further.

Consider the Sizes

When ordering promotional clothing like t-shirts, choosing the right ratio of sizes is just as important as buying the correct amount of clothing items. If you don’t research your audience, you may end up running out of sizes or having dozens of leftover shirts. Read our blog on choosing t-shirt sizes for large events so your promotional budget has the highest ROI possible.

Try Some Samples

Gauging how many promotional items you should order becomes easier when you have a physical sample in front of you. Determining the quality and style of our promotional products by looking at a web page has its limitations.We advise to order some samples and familiarize yourself with the promos you are considering before placing bulk orders.

Consult a Professional

There are so many factors that affect your overall promotional product strategy — often your best bet for an effective campaign is to discuss options with an expert and build a plan together. Reach out to a HALO Account Executive today to go over the details of your promotional marketing ideas and order the precise amount of products you’ll need to make a lasting impact, both at your next event and far into the future.

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