How Promotional Products Can Benefit Real Estate Professionals


Real estate professionals know that constant promotion is required to keep your agency in the minds of the homeowners in your area. Beyond standard marketing techniques, you can incorporate useful and memorable real estate marketing products into your daily operations to get your brand in front of more leads. A great place to start is in the homes of happy clients! Anyone who visits will see the brand of the real estate agent who connected them with their dream home.

Keychain/Bottle Opener


One of the safest promotional products to give prospective clients and thrilled new homeowners is a keychain – the key is the gateway to a home. Ensuring your logo is visible on the item where your clients keep their keys will create hundreds of impressions over time, and will directly connect your services with the concept of owning a home.

Don’t allow your keychain to find its way into a junk drawer. Choosing a multifunctional keychain increases the chances your giveaway recipients will choose your keychain for their next set of house keys. A bottle opener keychain adds utility to the promotional real estate item, while the slim tab design keeps the keychain profile low enough to remain convenient.

Welcome Mat


When you’ve made a successful sale, congratulate your client with a classy and colorful doormat displayed prominently at the entryway of their home. The chemical-resistant mat features a photographic-quality imprint so your designs aren’t compromised.

Take time to craft a doormat image that is appealing, unique and not overly promotional. Few homeowners will be inclined to use a doormat with a largo logo. Stick with a warm, inviting image and feature your brand name tastefully in a bottom corner. By focusing on the needs of your client and gifting a visually engaging welcome mat you are more likely to connect with visitors who see it.



Success lies in the details! Our large notepads are shaped like houses and feature a clear space where your real estate logo should go without limiting the writing space on the sheet. Notepads are useful promotional products few recipients would throw away. Everyone needs a quick piece of paper when jotting down notes or writing a list.

These giveaways are perfect for any event and don’t need to be saved for special clients. If you are trying to target residents in specific neighborhoods, be bold and drop a notepad in the door slot of the homes in that area. You just might find your next big client by dropping off promotional notepads at homes you’d like to sell.



We know pens may not seem specific to the real estate industry, but they consistently rank among the top promotional products because of their affordability and ability to rack up impressions. Customized pens are essential for open houses, industry events and virtually anywhere else a pen would come in handy. Be prepared with a pen at all times for a cheap and reliable promotion.

Carry a promotional pen or two in your jacket pocket or bag for those moments when clients or contacts want to jot down important details. It will make you seem effortlessly professional, costs next to nothing and will deliver continued promotion for your brand for months.

Ready to expand your reach with real estate marketing products? Ask your HALO Account Executive how promotional items can positively impact your real estate business.

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