How to Create an Awesome Employee Welcome Kit


An employee’s first week at a new job is usually stressful and often full of awkward moments such as forgetting a coworker’s name or failing to figure out how to make a phone call. The spotlight is not just on the new employee; it’s also shining on the new employer. Welcoming a new employee is a two-way street.

During this impressionable time, new employees are forming opinions about your company. Do they feel welcome? Do they have the equipment and training they need to succeed? Have they been presented with the most awesome employee welcome kit ever? This is why new hire orientation plays a critical role in your recruiting and retention strategy.

Savvy HR professionals understand that on-boarding new hires is not just about creating a new employee welcome packet with all the correct forms. It’s an opportunity for the company to market itself and share its vision as well as reinforce the values of its corporate culture. If you want to ace the art of on-boarding, it’s a good idea to know how to create an awesome employee welcome kit.

Capture Your Corporate Culture

To learn how to create an awesome employee welcome kit, start by reflecting on the company’s culture and values. How can you introduce these concepts tangibly when choosing branded items for a new employee welcome kit?

For instance, if your company is a tech firm or if technology will play a critical role in the company’s future, include a tech-related promotional product such as a mobile power bank, USB drive, or device accessory.


If your company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, you’ll want to encourage that quality in your new employee from the get-go. Include a super-hero stress reliever in your welcome kit to symbolize your employees’ efforts to provide super-human service to your customers.

If you want to associate your brand with altruistic causes such as supporting environmental sustainability or promoting fair-labor standards, include a reusable, eco-friendly coffee tumbler in their welcome kit.

Meet Employees Where They Are

In addition to choosing promotional products that reflect your culture, it’s also a good idea to choose branded items the employee will find useful during their first week. These might include a miniature bottle of  antimicrobial hand sanitizing gel for all that hand-shaking they’ll be doing the first week.


Another great choice is a logoed mouse pad, which features a fairly large imprint area – giving you plenty of space to tout your culture and values. Consider outfitting their desk with other promotional office supplies such as pens, notepads and a calendar with important company dates on it.

When designed correctly, a new employee welcome kit will help a new employee get adjusted more quickly, thereby paving the way for faster productivity. What do you include in your new employee welcome kits? What is a favorite item that employees tend to keep for many years?

These are just a few of the promotional product possibilities to use when creating an awesome employee welcome kit. Contact your HALO account representative for customized promotional product recommendations for your onboarding campaign!

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