How to Customize Your Promotional Umbrella

When designed with creativity and forethought, a custom umbrella can be a great calling card for your brand as it captures attention on the street or at an outdoor event. Compared to other promotional products, umbrellas have a large imprint area that contributes to more than 1,300 impressions over the average lifespan of a custom umbrella.

However, getting the greatest return out of an umbrella means you need to do more than order the cheapest option and affix your logo to the panel. Follow this guide to customize your promotional umbrella in a way that will connect with your ideal demographic. 

Pick the Best Style for Your Brand

No two umbrellas are built the same. Think about the core values of your brand and how they can visually translate to an umbrella. If you’re stuck, start writing down descriptors of your brand. Sophistication? Maybe consider a sleek, neutral-colored option. Get more specific: Fashion. Poise. If these align with your branding, maybe a plaid pattern or a bubble shape will fit your existing promotional materials.

On the other hand, if your brand can be described as “Tough” or “All-Weather”, go with an umbrella constructed to withstand extreme environments. Browse our umbrella options and start the process with an umbrella style that appeals to your typical customers. 

Consider the Context

Before comparing color choices or designing your promotional umbrella, decide on an appropriate size and type of umbrella to give away. This decision is influenced by your branding, but is also a practical choice based on where and how you will be giving umbrellas to recipients.

For example at trade shows, opt for smaller, collapsible umbrellas  that can be stored in a carrying case fitting comfortably in a luggage bag. Employee gifts, on the other hand, can be larger. Souvenir umbrellas at gift shops may fulfill a purpose – like wide umbrellas for shading at outdoor venue gift shops. Draft up a budget for your event so you have a good idea of what type of umbrella will match your vision.

Get Bold With Color and Design

Bring in a graphic designer (or use your in-office designer, if you have one) to try out bold, inventive color options and patterns that stand out in a crowd. If you’re looking for a starting point, consider any of these foolproof color options:

    • A vivid panel color with a white imprint

    • A neutral two-toned combo that utilizes gold or brown in addition to white or black

  • Two-toned panels (say, yellow and maroon) with an imprint that matches the lighter color

Regarding your design, utilize the space on the umbrella to get creative. This isn’t a flash drive — there’s no need to just squeeze your logo on the umbrella and be done with it. Consider adding compelling visual imagery, or adorning the panel with a funny slogan or thoughtful message.

Customize your promotional umbrella with a target customer or demographic in mind so you can appeal to their sense of style and ensure your umbrella is kept in the home for months – even years. Stuck on your promotional umbrella design? Talk to your HALO Account Executive to hash out the details. 

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