How to Ease Your Employees Commute with Personalized Backpacks

Custom Elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Backpack

Successful onboarding of new employees is an important goal for many of today’s best companies. Employers want to be viewed as offering a desirable place to work since recruiting and retaining best-in-class employees can make or break a company’s success.

This is why it is important for ambitious companies to cultivate a winning corporate culture – one that employees are proud of and talk positively about to everyone they know.

Welcome New Employees with Custom Backpacks

As part of the onboarding process, many companies offer new employees promotional welcome gifts including promotional bags. Personalized backpacks are the perfect choice for many reasons.

Custom backpacks are useful, offering employees a convenient way to carry laptops, notebooks and project files to and from the office. Today’s top employers offer flexibility in work schedules and office hours.

Many companies today allow employees to carry their work laptops home, and promotional backpacks are the ideal containers for laptops since they are carried on the backs of employees, protecting the company’s investment in its equipment.

Invest in Your Employees and in Your Brand

Customized backpacks are also long-lasting and made of durable materials, making them

Custom High Sierra Impact Backpack

dependable and indispensable to employees. They are often fabricated with extremely durable materials such as nylon and polyester, both of which resist rips and tears and provide repeated logo exposure.

Personalized backpacks also have a large space that is perfect for imprinting or embroidering a company’s splashy logo and/or clever tagline. In this way, employees are “spreading the word” about their employer everywhere they go. These custom backpacks make your employees walking billboards or moving advertisements every time they carry them.

Company Backpacks Make Commuting Easier

Many employees are “on the go” constantly – between commuting to and from the office and working offsite, they are always “on the move.” Today, many employees commute to the office from a city’s suburbs. Employers can ease their employees’ commute by providing custom backpacks as welcome gifts that delight employees because of their usefulness and versatility.

Custom Wenger® Pillar Computer BackpackPersonalized backpacks are ideal for technology-related companies since they can be used to carry not only laptops but smart phones, MP3 players, tablets, readers and other devices as well as accessories such as noise-reducing headphones an d ear buds. Many of these logo backpacks come with built-in, multi-function compartments, offering a convenient way to organize an employee’s business-related items. Premium promotional backpacks may also feature padded compartments to provide extra protection of company-owned hardware.

Finally, custom imprinted backpacks come in a variety of price points, from budget-friendly sling packs to premium, brand-name backpacks such as those offered by Swiss Army® and Wenger®.

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