How to Encourage Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

Increase Participation in Your Wellness Program | HALO Branded SolutionsDoes your organization run a corporate wellness program? If you do little more than give employees promotional gym bags upon hire, then now may be the time for a revamp of your “program”. Every year, many people decide that January is THE month for change. Use that momentum to propel participation in your improved corporate wellness program. Successful wellness programs can help employees stop smoking, lose weight, tone up, lower their blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, prevent diabetes and manage stress. In turn, you’ll see a decrease in corporate healthcare costs and an increase in employee engagement and productivity.

How can you encourage employees to participate?

Host a kickoff enrollment event for all employees. Take an hour out of the workday to host a simple enrollment event to excite employees about the program. Include health-related trivia and games such as a simple obstacle course where employees can win prizes. Upon enrollment, give attendees promotional gym bags filled with pedometers, gym towels, ear buds, hand sanitizers and healthy snacks.

Start a friendly competition on the day of kickoff. Whether it’s a weight loss contest or a step/mile counting challenge, start it on enrollment day, but make the end date at least a few weeks later. This gives employees a reason to start right away, but also provides enough time for word to spread throughout your organization and encourage others to participate.

Offer incentives for milestones. A study by RAND Corporation, showed that 75 percent of companies surveyed said they included incentives in their corporate wellness programs. Are they necessary? While peer pressure may drive some participation in your program, the same study found that companies using incentives saw an increase in participation. Being in the incentive business, we definitely think it’s worth the investment. Incentives help turn your employees into brand advocates.  Promotional gym bags, running jackets or trophies can be awarded to employees who win the wellness contest you started on enrollment day. Employees will be proud of their accomplishments and will gladly use your promotional products as they work towards their next healthy lifestyle goal.

Does your company have a corporate wellness program? What elements of the program work? What aspects need improvement? Leave a comment below.

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