How to Integrate Promotional Products Into Your Marketing Strategy


For small businesses, the marketing power of carefully-chosen promotional products is well known. With a limited budget however, actually implementing promos in a cost-effective manner is crucial. If you have been pondering how to integrate promotional products into your marketing strategy without spending a fortune, consider these unique and affordable promotional strategies:

Consider the Environment

The place where your promotional product is likely to be used or worn should directly connect with your offerings as a company. For example, if you develop cloud storage software consider promotional products that are in high-demand around the office, like mouse pads or power banks. Even something as simple as a flash drive will relate back to your product, and can serve as a reminder that storing on the cloud is more convenient.


Account for Shelf Life

When your budget allows for a select few promotional products, invest in items that have an extended shelf life. Not all promos are created equally, so think carefully before spending from your marketing budget. For example, a pad of sticky notes will run out in a few weeks, so if you want your brand to remain prominently displayed on a client’s desk go with a desktop organizer they will use for years. Making these adjustments early on will help small businesses stretch their marketing budget further.


Save Apparel for Employees

Your employees are your biggest brand advocates, both at industry events like trade shows and in their daily life outside of the office. If your company is new, this kind of branding opportunity is especially important. Branded apparel is great once your brand name is known, but before that stage focus on gifting t-shirts, hoodies, and hats to your staff to wear with pride. Do your research so the image and style of your promotional apparel presented matches your company’s desired branding.


Give Actively

At trade shows, industry events and in meetings; give potential customers and clients some exciting swag early on in conversation. Don’t consider these promos as giveaways or wasted money: the psychological principle of reciprocity will compel the recipient to listen and do business with you. As long as you choose a useful promo- like a tote bag or water bottle or pen– your act of giving will create an opportunity to turn a lead into a conversion. Bring a variety of promos to events so people can choose the item they are most likely to use.


The Value of Higher-Cost Promos

Some promotional products are going to cost more than a pen or tote bag, but in specific situations, a branded yet thoughtful gift can drastically help your small business. One such situation is an employee referral. Instead of a salary bonus, consider offering an exciting promotional product to employees that refer successful hires, like a cooler and barbecue set or Bluetooth headphones. In addition, you can demonstrate your appreciation for your clients by sending them a sampler of sweets for the holidays.


Struggling to implement promotional products at your small business? Make your marketing budget go further by talking with your HALO Account Executive today.

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