How to Make Your Corporate Uniforms Last Longer

Corporate Uniforms | HALO Branded SolutionsCorporate uniforms are great advertisers for your brand because employees repeatedly wear them. As a result, employees wearing your corporate uniforms become brand advocates for your company. This means more impressions for your brand from a trustworthy source. Of course, you want these impressions to be positive ones, so it’s important for employees to care for their uniforms and present themselves to your customers in the best possible way.

One of the easiest ways to maintain a professional look is to make sure your uniform is not wrinkly. To get the wrinkles out, sometimes employees may throw a nice corporate shirt in the dryer. Over-drying can damage clothing, so help your employees make their corporate uniforms last longer with these ironing tips. Ironing is a more effective way to get out the wrinkles and it only applies heat as needed, unlike a dryer. Provide new employees with the ironing tips below along with their uniform to help them keep their shirts looking professional and lasting longer.

How to Iron a Button Down Shirt

Employees who wear your corporate uniforms and want to make them last longer will need to know how to iron a button down shirt.

Start with the collar of the button down and move the iron from the middle of the collar to each collar tip. Be sure to continually press the steam button as you go.

Next, tackle the arms of the button-down shirt. Press the shoulder of one of the arms over the small end of the ironing board. Press out any wrinkles. Repeat on the opposite side.

Then straighten the sleeve, ironing the cuffs first, then the rest of the sleeves. Pull the fabric tight to ensure there are no creases.

Next, iron the body of the button down. Lay the side with the buttons on the ironing board. Pull the fabric taut. Iron the wrinkles out. Repeat on the opposite side.

Move to the back of the button down. Start at the top of the back and work your way down.

Remember not to leave the iron sitting too long in one place, so you don’t burn the cloth.

Keep these ironing tips in mind to keep your promotional clothing looking fresh and spiffy.

Who Else Needs Ironing Tips?

Young Professionals

You can also use the tips above when promoting your business at a career fair. Young professionals often need to learn how to dress the part. Provide potential recruits with these ironing tips and a promotional lint roller; it’s something a little different that will help your brand stand out when it’s time for post-career fair follow-ups.


Upon hire, give interns their new uniform with these ironing tips printed on a card in a welcome bag complete with other office essentials such as a padfolio, pen, calendar and headphones. This helps reinforce your dress code, preps the intern for the corporate world and teaches them to always dress for success.


High school and college students who are preparing to enter the workforce can benefit from new collared shirts and ironing tips. Bring goody bags to school visits for all participants. You can get creative and create an entire “Tools for Success” kit with a professional notebook, writing utensils, professional dressing guide (including your ironing tips) and a coffee mug.



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