How to Make Your Company THE BEST Place to Work

How to Make Your Office THE BEST Place to Work | HALO Branded SolutionsCompanies that win “Best Companies to Work For” awards and find a spot on “top 100 employers” lists understand that you have to invest in employee appreciation programs. Your employees are powerful advocates of your brand. What they say about your company on their social media accounts and in private conversations carries weight.

Employees are one of the most important groups to win over. If employees are on-board, you can bet their friends, family and acquaintances will gain a positive impression of your company. That’s why smart HR professionals understand that designing meaningful employee appreciation programs is so important.

Employee appreciation gifts are a key part of any good gratitude campaign. Everyone loves getting gifts, especially from their employer. It’s flattering when a company bestows individual recognition on an employee, and employee engagement can even increase as a result of corporate gifts.

Need gift ideas?

Choose tiered levels of employee appreciation gifts for each work anniversary, increasing the value of each milestone award each year to reward tenured professionals. Traditional gifts include logoed plaques, clocks, bookends, desk accessories and cool-weather jackets.

Have fun and get creative! Try designing a gift set including sought-after employee appreciation gifts for the office. Examples might include flash power banks, phone cases and iPhone accessories, coffee tumblers, computer bags and sticky note pads.

For senior executives and managers, consider leather padfolios, executive writing instruments and desk sets, high-quality briefcases and luxury textiles such as blankets and robes.

To amplify your employee appreciation power, be sure to recognize employees in front of their peers at a company gathering. Being the end of the year, many companies are hosting year-end celebrations; this would be the perfect time to recognize a job well done. A compliment in front of the employee’s peers makes the recognition all the more meaningful to the recipient and reinforces company loyalty among the rest of the team.

Do you have an employee appreciation or recognition program? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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