How to Promote Safety at Work with Promotional Products


Scrapes, falls and bruises are an unfortunate reality in any environment, including the workplace. Over 4.1 million workers in the United States suffer from a work-related injury or illness every year, according to the United States Department of Labor. One of the best methods for preventing injury and illness is by implementing safety promotional products in your office or place of work. Even giving away healthcare promotional items at trade shows can make a world of difference for your clients and customers.

What types of healthcare promotional items will make the most impact? These are our top picks for safety promos:

Protect Your Employees


Not every work environment is a modern office. Whether you run a manufacturing plant or operate a lumber mill, keep your employees safe with promotional Carhartt® Safety Glasses. Padded temples boost comfort, encouraging employees to keep their safety eyewear on during their daily duties. Matching it with a promotional reflective safety vest will further reduce workplace accidents while keeping your branding front-and-center in a variety of work environments.

Some of the most important healthcare promotional items are ones that prevent the spread of germs. Illnesses can spread rapidly in isolated, enclosed offices. A recent study found that a stomach virus was found on 70% of surfaces in one office shortly after being introduced. A simple way to combat office illness is to distribute promotional hand sanitizer to your employees. Hand sanitizer can eliminate over 99% of bacteria in just one use. Make the process of cleaning one’s hands even easier by bringing promo Hanitizer Spray to your next event or trade show.

No safety campaign at work would be complete without something for your employee’s children. Educational resources like coloring books contain important information about topics like fire safety or bicycle safetyProviding a fun activity tensures the information stays with young readers. Give away branded coloring books for your employee’s kids to get your brand noticed in unconventional ways.


Protect Your Customers


Outside of the workplace, provide handy safety promos to trade show attendees or to a specific demographic of customers. By doing so, you associate your brand with dependability and accountability.

Target hikers and other great outdoor lovers with a combination of useful outdoor safety promotional items that can save lives in emergency situations. When hikers lose their way at night, a Super Bright Pocket Torch Flashlight will help them relocate the path and make their way to safety. A Thermal Emergency Blanket is another safety promo that can be packaged with the flashlight as a way to combat the elements if stranded on the trail. For prolonged casual hiking, a lip balm with SPF-protection will keep hikers happy during morning-long treks in the blazing sun.

Cast a wider net and target over 200 million licensed drivers in the United States by giving away Resqme® Auto Safety Tools. It contains a 2-in-1 keychain allowing drivers to quickly cut a seatbelt and break a window for a quick escape in case of an accident. You can never be too careful, and with your safety promo customers will know they’re in good hands.
There are hundreds of healthcare promotional items that educate employees and act as life saving tools in case of an emergency. Overwhelmed with options? Talk to a HALO Account Executive today to brainstorm the best promotional products to promote safety and wellness in your workplace.

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