How to Use Promotional Marketing With Tote Bags

It’s no secret tote bags often reign supreme in key promotional marketing metrics. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) reports that half of U.S. consumers own promotional tote bags. Tote bags generate more impressions than any other type of promo (approximately 5,700) over the course of their lifespan, and the average size screen print is larger when compared to items like pens, hats, and drinkware.

Promotional tote bags are a promotional powerhouse, but without the proper context in your next campaign you can waste the potential of this cost-effective promotional item. Here are the best ways to make the most of your next promotional tote order :

Create a Sustainable Image

Millennials are more likely to buy products from companies who practice sustainability in a production capacity and by how the company positions their brand. Being eco-friendly is vital to attract new consumers, and tote bags are among the most environmentally-conscious promos you can buy.

Promotional tote bags allow recipients to ditch wasteful plastic bags at the supermarket, the local pharmacy, and at outdoor functions like concerts or sporting events. Encourage customers or trade show attendees to protect the environment by using a durable, reusable tote bag as often as possible. This will maximize your brand exposure while creating goodwill toward your organization, opening up potential for business with hundreds of consumers with a one-dollar investment.

Stay In Budget

With promotional tote bags, the sky’s the limit. Material options, artwork possibilities, and your ability to design a unique tote bag are all factors for success. However, smaller brands can benefit from stylish selections that are also extremely cost-effective. Most tote bags will last for a year or more even with constant use, so don’t count out any options.
You can order Budget Shopper Tote Bags for as little as $1.09 each while selecting one of over a dozen color options. This affordable tote is water-resistant and features 20″ handles and 8″ gusset for a generous carrying capacity. On the other end of the spectrum, the Newport Natural Canvas Tote Bag makes a bold branding statement with a wide striped design printed on high-quality cotton canvas. No matter what your budget, you can find the appropriate tote bag to align with your latest marketing efforts.

Stand Out at Any Event

Promotional tote bags are immediately useful, and consumers are more likely to hold onto a promotional product if it serves a clear function. Tote bags that are foldable and compact are an easy way to stand out at large events, especially if many competing brands are present.
The simple gift of a promotional tote bag gives attendees at trade shows, job fairs, fundraising events, corporate retreats, and orientation programs a place to store all of their stuff. Documents, materials, and the items they collect over the course of the day are all kept in one place. Everywhere they go, your design will be seen by dozens of people per minute. There’s really no downside to marketing with promotional tote bags!

With over 100 varieties of promotional tote bags, HALO Branded Solutions represents your best option for ordering tote bags online. Talk to a HALO Account Executive today to discuss the goals of your next promotional marketing push. Our professionals will empower you to make the most of your marketing budget while expanding your brand reach.

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