How to Use Promotional Products at Your Next Charity Event

Whether it’s participating in a charity run to fight cancer or attending a dance-a-thon to raise funds to protect families from domestic violence, local communities love giving back. Charity events come in all shapes and sizes, but they carry a singular purpose: to bring a large group of people together to raise funds for a just cause.

When your organization is hosting a charity event, giving away functional promotional products will connect your brand to the cause and increase brand impressions long after the event has ended. When planning a charity event and gathering ideas, consult our guide for organizing a charity run. Read on for more event giveaway ideas to make the most of your marketing budget.

Power Banks

Portable power banks (already charged) are terrific giveaways for large charity events. Attendees at outdoor events won’t be able to charge their smartphones or tablets, and as evening approaches, power banks become a necessary accessory. Allow your participants to capture every moment and keep their cameras and other devices at full power with a useful power bank.

Cause Ribbons

Choosing a cause ribbon is a simple and effective way to promote your cause in the community, as well as take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. Cause ribbons have been synonymous with charity events since the ‘80s and ‘90s. Learn more about cause ribbons and choose appropriate colors for your event by reading our color ribbons guide. Consider ordering awareness promotionals like car magnets or notepads in the shape of cause ribbons.

Water Bottles

Keep runners or other participants hydrated with a sports bottle featuring the logos of your organization and your chosen charity. Branded water bottles are a useful and cost-effective promotional product everyone appreciates. If you want high-value giveaways for smaller events, upgrade to vacuum-sealed bottles and thermoses for a sleek corporate look.

Fitness Trackers

Ideal giveaways for wellness and health campaigns, fitness tracker bands are an inexpensive and popular promo to give away to event attendees. Walk-a-thons are particularly relevant for these promotional bands, but they can also be given away at any event meant to encourage a more active lifestyle.

Bluetooth Speakers

Get the party started with a branded compact Bluetooth® speaker so event attendees can play their favorite pump-up jams while participating in a charity run or other outdoor activity. Speakers can be given away as prizes for contests throughout the day or as part of a “thank you” package to community sponsors.

Event Apparel

What charity event is complete without a commemorative t-shirt or hat? We offer a diverse range of branded apparel so you can reach your audience with the sizes and styles they appreciate. 85% of people can recall the organization that gave them a promotional hat or shirt, making apparel a wise investment for any event.

Maximize engagement in your community and gift branded promos attendees will hold onto for months. Still not sure what promotional products will make the greatest impact at your charity event? Talk to your HALO Account Executive today to brainstorm the best ways to convey your message to event participants.

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