5 Ideas to Boost School Spirit


School spirit is more than a feeling. It’s a spirit of unity among students and teachers alike. School spirit inspires students to participate in school activities. It creates a positive learning environment for both students and teachers. Finding ideas to boost school spirit is a big part of creating a community that cares.

Boosting school spirit has many benefits. School spirit unifies diverse student groups, bringing them together. It is also closely tied to academic performance. Research shows that students who feel positive about their school are less likely to drop out and more likely to get good grades. A survey conducted by Harris Poll found that students with higher levels of school spirit perform better academically.

Fostering school spirit goes way beyond buying school spirit shirts, although that’s actually a key component of raising school spirit. To get you started, here are five ideas to boost school spirit.

1. Designate a “School Spirit Shirts” Day


Perhaps the best way to unify diverse student populations is to ask them all to wear personalized promotional clothing such as team jerseys and other school spirit shirts. Pick a day of the week, such as the day when a varsity team plays, and ask students to wear their favorite logoed apparel. Provide them with school spirit shirt ideas such as wearing promotional t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts and other active wear in their school colors. Unifying students in this manner will encourage camaraderie and boost school spirit.

2.Create an Awards Ceremony


Create an awards program for students to recognize their achievements and boostself-esteem. All students like to be acknowledged for the work they do. When developing your criteria, remember that promotional gifts and awards can be given for academic and athletic performances as well as  behaviors that represent a caring culture.

3.Host Themed Spirit Weeks


Announcing themed spirit weeks are a great way to bring the fun of Halloween to your school year-round. Decide on a theme for the week such as an “ugly sweater contest” around the holidays or host a Hawaiian day at times close to spring break or summer. Add school spirit shirts to the mix for an extra special touch. This is a great way to improve morale when your school is about to have standardized testing or final exams. To promote the spirit weeks, provide students with themed promotional pencils, notebooks or other school supply items.

4.Hold a Door Decorating Contest

Have students decorate the door of their home classroom based on a school-wide theme such as one that ties in with your motto and/or school colors. This is another great opportunity to award promotional gifts and awards to students with winning designs.

5.Launch a Volunteer Initiative


Give students the opportunity to experience the joy of helping others by volunteering for a local nonprofit such as a veterans’ support group, soup kitchen or domestic violence shelter. Partner with a charity that needs volunteers and then offer to provide those volunteers via your school’s students.

Now that you have some ideas for boosting your school spirit, leverage that momentum by getting started today! Use our Live Chat feature to discuss creative ways to boost school spirit.

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