Why Implement a Corporate Wellness Program?


Healthcare costs and rates of chronic disease are continuing to rise each year.  It will only become more difficult for employees and employers to keep up from a financial standpoint.  Because of this successful employee wellness programs have become a necessary asset in the workplace.

Poor employee health is linked to more absenteeism, higher disability costs, higher employee turnover, as well as customer dissatisfaction – all important reasons to invest in an employee wellness program.

Successful programs often have 3 pillars – leadership engagement, good communication and incentives.

Leadership Involvement:  Making employee wellness a part of the company culture is key. When managers, supervisors and the executive team actively participate it sets the tone for a successful wellness program.

Good Communication:  Employees need to be aware of all the benefits of participating as well as opportunities to participate.  There should be multiple touch points to reinforce the programs messaging including physical flyers, emails and event small giveaways to draw attention to special events and opportunities.

Incentives:  Wellness program incentives range from recognition in an employee newsletter for participating in an athletic event to monetary bonuses for making a life change like quitting smoking.  Sometimes incentives include donations to health care savings accounts or extra time off from work.  Merchandise awards are also common.

Here are some examples of wellness products that can be incorporated into your wellness program.  Even small gifts can serve as a good reminder that your company is invested in employee wellness and encourage participation.

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce.  Encouraging healthy lifestyles and work life balance for employees is important now more than ever.  What incentives does your company include in their corporate wellness program?  Are they effective?  Please share in the comment section below!

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