Industry Spotlight: Construction Promotional Products

Return on Investment

Scouting and bidding projects is one of the most crucial aspects in construction. In that process, you want to find the most between time and money, and in materials and completion. That’s why promotional products for construction professionals are just as important, as they are ripe with value. In fact, 65% of construction firms feel that promotional products offer great ROI; which is why construction ranks among the top 5 industries that rely on promotional products as part of their marketing efforts.

Dual-Purpose Promo

While Promotional products are effective at promoting safety and building camaraderie in the field, they also boost your brand message. Whether you put your brand on safety glasses, vests, levels or multi-tools, in-the-field promotional products represent affordable opportunities to incorporate branding into work wear, while keeping your crew stylish and safe on the job.

Promos don’t have to stay on your employees. External promotions that you can give away will help you connect with others. Use novelty items like excavator-shaped magnets or practical items like keychains and notepads. In fact, manufacturing firms give away 78% of the promotional products they order as marketing tools, employee gifts, and at company events.

High-Quality promo

As a professional in the field of construction, you know that high-quality products are worth their weight in gold. So much so that nearly 79% of manufacturing companies would pay more for a promotional product that is well constructed and built to last. With construction companies, a job well done is the ideal calling card — and even simple promotional products like umbrellas or gel pens should be durable and look professional to represent the high-quality projects your company completes.

One of the best approaches to reach a wide audience is to order a variety of low-cost construction giveaways that can create thousands of impressions. Construction may be a specialized industry, but manufacturing companies rely on staple promos to reach target demographics. Some of the top promos for the construction industry include tote bags, t-shirts, drinkware, writing instruments, and polo shirts.

Get practical with steel tape measures and hard hat decals or add something whimsy to your marketing campaign with a hardhat-shaped stress reliever – check out dozens of our industry-specific construction promotional items.

Next Steps

HALO Branded Solutions can equip you with customized promos with your logo that will thank loyal customers and alert prospective clients. Build a winning promotional marketing strategy for your construction business today by talking to your HALO Account Executive.

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