Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Promotional Products

Following last week’s blog about promotional products in the finance industry, we’re going to cover another industry that spends just as much on promotional merchandise—healthcare. There will be more spotlights to come over the next few weeks, leave any suggestions for future topics in the comments below.

Promo in Healthcare

Other than deviation in certain cutting-edge practices, most places in the medical field offer the same essential services. This makes it all too important to stand out from the rest in order to make a lasting impression in practice and brand awareness. One way healthcare businesses and professions do so is with the power of promotional products. Quality promo is one of the best ways to keep your name in front of patients’ minds, so it’s no surprise that healthcare is the third highest purchaser of promotional products.

Whether it’s a dental office, medical center, hospital or outpatient center, every facet of healthcare can increase their reach with branded promotional products. One ideal way is to give branded promo that will encourage patients to pursue a healthy lifestyle and maintain a safe environment. Another approach is to outfit your staff with a variety of branded healthcare items such as a pedometer, a bottle of mini mini hand sanitizer or reusable water bottle. All of these can be imprinted with your logo giving you that extra brand awareness inside and outside your facilities.

Different Types of Promo

We don’t just mean different products like mentioned above, we’re talking about the products that reinforce your social-responsibilities. You’re already trying to make the world a better place through practice, so you should carry those same values through the products you provide to your employees and patients. In fact, close to 66% of healthcare and medical firms prefer to order eco-friendly, green promotional items that help demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Size matters in promo, and some of the most popular promotional products in healthcare are not only practical, but feature a large imprint area. While items like notepads, bandages, writing instruments and other office accessories are extremely useful, stretch your branding legs with items that have a larger imprint area like tote bags, t-shirts and drinkware. The extra branding space will take you far in the promo giveaway and daily use.

Last but not least, made in the USA promo items are a hit with medical companies, so much so that almost 72% of medical companies and 66% of healthcare companies are willing to pay more for higher-quality promotional products. See what HALO has to offer for fun, domestically-manufactured promos like a Scrubs Notebook with Stethoscope Pen or Bend-A-Pen featuring male and female healthcare professionals.

Next Steps

Don’t go out of stock of your healthcare promotional items throughout the year and talk to a HALO Account Executive to build a targeted promotional marketing plan to push your healthcare business goals.

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