Industry Spotlight: Real Estate Promotional Products

Marketing with Promo

Have you ever found yourself looking for extra ways to build up loyal client relationships while boosting name recognition? If so, turn to promotional products – if you haven’t already. As a real estate agent or agency, you know how important the client relationships and name recognition is and how it fits into your marketing plan. You put your name and logo on signs, posters, billboards and even little trinkets – and that all adds up. In fact, real estate is one of the top 10 industries that utilize promotional marketing.

Whether it’s a magnet left on a fridge of a new home, or pens strewn about, leave-behinds and client gifts keep your services fresh in the minds of previous buyers. Ensure your brand name is prominently displayed with these inexpensive and effective promos.

Just how important are promos in a typical real estate marketing strategy? We found that 22% of real estate agents’ overall marketing budget is spent on promotional products. In fact, some of the most popular real estate items are perfect for heavy usage and long product lifespan such as magnets, calendars, drinkware, t-shirts and writing instruments.

Daily Use

A unique advantage promotional products have compared to other forms of marketing are the multiple applications and venues they can be used in; and one of the best ways to use your promo is to simply give them away.

Our research shows that the majority of real estate promos are given away at events or mailed as self-promotions, but don’t underestimate the power of gifting past clients household items. From potential home buyers to past customers, give away items like umbrellas or outerwear can really stand out in a crowded market – especially since some are kept for 12 months or more!

Plan Ahead

While promotional products can have as little as a week turnaround, a good rule of thumb is to order your promos at least two months before they’re needed. Don’t take it from me, take it from the more than half of real estate agents that do so.

Planning ahead and working directly with HALO Branded Solutions will help you position your brand for success and keep costs low on your order. Don’t wait until the last minute and order promos that are generic or unaligned with your existing branding.

Next Steps Whether you’re looking for simple notepads, novelty house-shaped piggy banks, or balloons for your open house, trust HALO Branded Solutions’ wide selection of real estate promotional products to have exactly what you need. Discuss your vision with a HALO Account Executive and explore our bountiful unique options.

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  1. Eva Allison says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article,
    Real estate promotional products are really helpful in branding. Promotional products are very useful. Along with brand awareness these products also increases productivity of employees. If you provide appraisals and gifts to them on special occasions they will automatically work with more interest and enthusiasm. Custom promotional products in USA are specially designed by taking these points into consideration.

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