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On June 27 through June 30th HALO held its yearly National Sales Meeting (NSM) in Nashville, Tennessee. Company events like our National Sales Meeting often have a lot of hype surrounding them. The National Sales Meeting offers a great opportunity for us to showcase how fun and exciting it is to be a part of HALO. A good way to add to the excitement surrounding these sorts of events is to incorporate social media, which is exactly what we did.


Each person attending the sales meeting receives a binder with all of the information they need to know about the meeting. We included a social media page in the binder, and one of the things it highlights is our National Sales Meeting Hashtag: #HALONSM2017. Hashtags are important for any sort of event you want well-documented on social media. When you post on social media and use the event hashtag, it allows the social media platform to organize any other posts using the same hashtag. This lets people see what is happening at the event from different perspectives. It is important to note that posts must be made public in order for anyone to view them. We encouraged everyone attending the sales meeting to make social media posts using our hashtag. Below are just a few examples:


Another way we integrated social media at our National Sales Meeting was by including Snapchat. We created a Snapchat account and posted our username on all of our social media outlets so people could add us as we documented NSM events throughout the week. We even had two Snapchat filters created: one for our AE (Account Executive) Welcome Reception and one for our NSM Tradeshow. In addition to this, Snapchat recently came out with a new feature that allows you to create a separate story from your own story for a specific event. So, we created a HALO NSM Snapchat story that members of the HALO marketing team were able to add their snaps to throughout the week.

Photo Backdrop and Wagon Wheel O’ Dares

It’s important to supply event attendees with the tools needed to easily create fun social media posts to incorporate your event’s hashtag with. In this case, we had a background created that looked similar to the “I Believe in Nashville” backdrop, which we displayed at our tradeshow. We also hired Dolly Parton and Minnie Pearl impersonators that attendees could take pictures with.


In addition to this, we created a Wagon Wheel O’ Dares. People could spin the wheel, which would land on a fun, silly dare they were required to do. This made for a great photo and video opportunity for people to post on social media using the NSM hashtag. Some of the dares included, “arrest the outlaw on the poster,” which had pictures of Dale Moir our Sr. Vice President of IT & Facilities and Terry McGuire our Sr. Vice President of Marketing or “dress up as a horse and gallop around the room,” which came with a horse head mask to wear. All of these tied in with our Nashville/country theme for this year’s sales meeting.



Another way to document your event in a fun, proactive manner is to utilize the effects different social media outlets provide to make your posts stand out more. For example, use Instagram’s boomerang video feature or emojis on Snapchat. The best part is you often have the option save or cross-post these videos to share on other social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter as well.

For example, the below video was posted on HALO’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat on the final evening of our sales meeting with the caption, “This is our last night in Nashvegas! Join us for Casino Night. #HALONSM2017”

All it takes is someone to see one post on social media that catches their eye to create a conversation. This helps create interest not only in our company but in our industry as a whole since we not only documented our evening events but also shared photos and videos of our training sessions and tradeshow. Social media is becoming more than just a place to connect with friends, it is becoming a powerful marketing tool that should be taken advantage of – not to mention it’s free!

Have you attended an event that had its own hashtag? Did you use it? Have you noticed any events documented on social media that stood out to you? If so, why did they stand out? Share with us in the comments below!

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