Keeping Your Clients Hydrated While Promoting Your Brand

Ever go to the gym using a coffee tumbler as a water bottle? I have. It’s not the most convenient gym companion. The water doesn’t easily flow into your mouth as you try to re-hydrate in between sets during aerobics class. Have you ever prepped for a bike ride only to discover that your water bottle is too big for the bike holder? The wrong bottle can really put a damper on your trip. And don’t even think about bringing a squeeze bottle to a yoga class, unless you want to disturb everyone’s meditation with the sound of the bottle filling with air after you take a gulp.New Infographic - How to Stay Hydrated | HALO Branded Solutions

You may think that a bottle is a bottle, but when it comes to choosing the best promotional drinkware for your marketing campaign, utility should be at the forefront of your mind. If you want to market your brand to athletes or fitness enthusiasts, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by choosing promotional water bottles that are best for their specific workouts. Pair your promotional water bottle with information on how to stay hydrated and you’re even more likely to make a lasting impression.

Use the infographic below to give your clients and prospects some hydration tips they can use during every workout. Remember to check out the “Best Water Bottle for Your Workout” section to determine what design you should look for when purchasing your promotional items. When in doubt, go for something universal that will fit in most bike cup holders. This way whether your client is dancing off calories in Zumba® class or biking a favorite trail in the local forest preserve, they’ll have a useful water bottle (and your brand) by their side. (Click the graphic to see a larger version of the infographic.)

Infographic: Staying Hydrated with Promotional Drinkware | HALO Branded Solutions

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