Launching Your New Brand at an Event


So you’ve decided it’s time for some rebranding. The research is complete, the new creative has been executed, and you held a soft launch (at least internally) to share the new branding.  The next part of your rebranding strategy should be the big, official launch. You could choose to announce the new brand via social media or traditional advertising (and you should… you want to cover all your bases), but first consider a large event or trade show for your rebranding debut.

How can you guarantee a successful rebranding launch at a trade show? Incorporate these tips into your rebranding strategy.

  1. Send invitations: Send clients and prospects exclusive invitations for a “sneak peek” at something new that’s happening with your company. Use your old logo/branding so they recognize who the invite is from, but give hints of your new branding (i.e. use similar colors).
  2. Include something familiar near your booth: People may not stop if they don’t recognize your brand. Include your brand name in large, bold font on your booth banner, and encourage employees to reach out to passerby asking if “they’ve heard the news”.
  3. Stock up on giveaways: You’ll want people to remember your new branding, so give them something to take home. Make sure your organization’s name is printed clearly. It helps if you also include a website URL where people can learn more about your new look.
  4. Kickoff a contest: Spread awareness by kicking off a contest related to your brand. People at the trade show get VIP access and first dibs on entry, and they’ll help you spread the word. The prize should be something related to your new brand message. Prizes can be big such as the opportunity to become a spokesperson in an upcoming commercial or something smaller like a gift card to your store. Whatever you choose to give away as the grand prize, remember to accompany it with promotional products. For example, if you’re giving away a trip, pair it with branded luggage tags. This gives the winner a memento of your brand.
  5. Take a Poll: Follow-up with booth visitors through a survey. Ask questions related to your rebranding efforts so you have some clear, user-generated data to analyze after the show.

Launching a new brand at a trade show doesn’t have to be much more stressful than a typical trade show appearance. For tips on traditional trade shows and events, check out this compilation of helpful articles.

Did you recently undergo a rebranding? Share your tips for creating a rebranding strategy below.


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  1. Reno Macri says:

    Nice article! Short and to the point. Covers most of the key action points to carry out a successful rebranding exercise at events.

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