What Makes a Successful Trade Show Booth?


At an industry trade show, drawing attention is everything. The attendees are familiar with your competitors, and in order to draw prospects to your booth you must master the art and science of trade show marketing. Take risks and go beyond the standard trade show branding techniques to reap the greatest rewards. Here are three key ways to make your trade show booth successful:

Structure Your Booth Around the Customer


Perhaps the biggest mistake in trade show branding is to build the booth to service your brand. Of course you want attendees to quickly learn what your brand has to offer, but always remember that the attendees are your end goal. In order to exhibit a booth that works, streamline the experience for the customer.

92% of attendees at all trade shows attend solely to see new product offerings, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. If your brand manufactures headphones or sells portable power banks, create an interactive booth that showcases the strengths of your new product. Even if your services are less concrete, think of a bold way to communicate the benefits of your services through an activity or presentation.

Draw In Foot Traffic


Marketing budgets for trade shows vary dramatically from brand to brand, and when you have a large footprint you may be tempted to create a walled-off, contained space to create the sensation of exclusivity. However as Sharon Leicham, Merchandising Editor, noted a few years ago, the walls and banners that create the space of your trade show booth should not destroy eye lines or block off the promotional features of your booth.

Actively invite attendees in with merchandise and product displays to generate more leads. Promotional products can be a great way to keep your booth fresh in the mind of attendees after they have walked away. For example, if your business sells insurance, consider giving away promotional umbrellas with the slogan β€œit’s always better to be prepared for a rainy day.”

Go Bold With Your Design

Table Covers

We know that you have the expected table covers and signage with your brand logo ready for display, but taking a one-size-fits-all approach to trade show booth marketing is like sending out identical cover letters for forty different job applications. Instead, choose innovative and eye-catching designs for your booth that are in line with the theme of the event.

CEIR notes that 70% of trade show exhibitors fail to set specific objectives for trade shows. Your signage is the perfect opportunity to send a direct message to attendees, whether that message is a change in your product line or a concentration on a specific customer demographic. Choose a metric, set a goal and use the trade show customization allowed at your event to craft a booth that will secure more contact information, lead to more sales and build a stronger following for your brand.


If this sounds too difficult to take on just give us a call. We are leaders in our field with the solutions to help your organization succeed at any trade show. To further innovate the design and execution of your trade show booth, contact your HALO Account Executive today. Ready for a complete overhaul? Enter our Trade Show Booth Makeover contest for your chance to win a booth redesign valued at $5,000, courtesy of HALO!

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