New Year, New Brand – The “Why” Behind Rebranding

New Year, New Brand (all about rebranding) | HALO Branded Solutions

Cheers to 2017! With the New Year often comes change – people try to lose weight, save more money, and learn new skills. Now may be a good time to consider change for your brand, too. The decision to rebrand your company is a serious one. For newer companies, the risks are less – your branding is not as known and a revamp will likely have minimal consequences. Organizations that have been around for many years and have a strong brand presence are putting more at stake with a rebranding campaign. So why do companies do it at all?

Rebranding is a shift in an existing brand. It could involve a new logo, website and marketing materials with a new brand strategy to accompany it all. Companies may choose to rebrand for a variety of reasons including:

Whatever the reason, rebranding campaigns happen regularly, and your brand may be next.

As you go through the various steps to rebrand, you’ll need to communicate your new branding to your audience. If your brand is well known, you will want people to know about the change to avoid any confusion. Launching to your loyal customers will instantly provide helpful feedback to the success of your rebranding effort, too. Many companies attempt rebranding every year; some succeed and others fail. We’ll explore the elements of rebranding in the coming weeks to help you decide if it’s right for your brand and the steps you will need to take for a successful campaign.

As promotional marketing specialists, HALO Account Executives can help you with your rebranding campaign. What questions do you have before you begin? Contact HALO today.

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