Go Green at Work & Save Money with Personalized Tumblers

What would Mother Nature think of your company? If your business is not already “thinking green,” now is the time to start. Lead the way to less waste, less cost, and the easiest increase in brand exposure.

Earth Day (April 22) is a day of conservation. Time to think about preserving our natural resources, and reducing waste. But thinking green can have multipleGreen2Go_Postcard-Front2 meanings, at least when it comes to business.

Don’t let your bottom line get in the way of going green at work. Chances are those disposable cups are costing you and the environment more than they’re worth.


Did you know?

The average American office worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year. [1]

Fortunately, there are now hundreds of reusable drinkware options that are trendy, fun, practical, and economical. My favorites are the double-wall acrylic tumblers made from the nearly indestructible Tritan™ material.

Did you know?

A Styrofoam coffee cup discarded today remains in landfill space for close to 500 years. [2]

Save on Supplies & Trash-Hauling

You’re not just throwing away paper cups. You’re throwing away money. It costs you to reorder these single-serve styles. And it costs you to haul away extra trash. So don’t throw away a perfectly good opportunity to cut the overhead, encourage green thinking at work and increase brand exposure.

Reduce Reuse Recycle: the “it” Thing to do

While carrying around a disposable plastic bottle filled with expensive imported water was considered chic a few years ago, most people have come to recognize that tossing that bottle into a landfill is both wasteful and a detriment to our well-being.

“Going Green” is not a fad. It’s an important initiative that every business needs to consider carefully. Besides helping the environment, you could be helping your company’s bottom line.  In 2009, the government issued an economic stimulus plan providing tax credits to companies working towards going green.

How to Start going Green at the Office

Whether you already have a recycling program or need to get started, eco-friendly promotional products – or more specifically – reusable drinkware is an easy first step in any initiative to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are significant savings to be had by purchasing long-lasting reusable drinkware.

Tervis brand tumblers, coming soon! Can't wait? Contact us to get yours now.

Tervis brand tumblers, coming soon! Can’t wait? Contact us to order yours now.

Whether you go with the retail brand Tervis™ custom tumblers or budget-friendly versions, you’ll find these reusable tumblers are available with a variety of options including colorful spill-resistant covers.  Most are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Many of these BPA-free tumblers can survive being dropped. Plus some manufacturers also offer a lifetime guarantee on their tumblers!

Green branding bonus: With your effort to reduce waste, you increase brand exposure and promote your eco-conscious business efforts.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they’re the perfect drinkware option for both hot and cold drinks. Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks cold.  And the double-wall keeps condensation from forming on the outside of the cups, eliminating the need for coasters while also keeping hands from getting too hot or too cold while holding.

With numerous decorating methods available,  personalized tumblers provide lots of options for getting your branding message across. While the traditional method of screen printing on the outside, in one or many colors is available, other creative decorating techniques include a photo dome, embroidered patch, or a full color wrap — all of which can be inserted between the two layers of acrylic, insuring that your message will never come off.

Make it Easy for Employees to go Green

Phase out disposable cups by providing employees with reusable tumblers or custom travel mugs. Educate your staff on the ways you’re going green to give your initiative roots.

Let your Guests join your Green Movement

If clients or prospective customers are coming to your place of business for any length of time, consider offering their drink in a reusable tumbler. You can also have cold water and hot beverages available for them to help themselves.

Not only will you be showing good manners, but you will demonstrate your responsibility in caring for the environment.  Your clients will know that you are paying attention to their needs, as well as caring for your community. Both messages that will make them want to return.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products make great Gifts

And if you need gifts for visitors to take away, or to mail to as “thank you” gifts, reusable tumblers can be packed in attractive gift boxes and are sure to be kept for many years to come. There’s no better way to keep your message in your clients’ hands and on their minds than with reusable drinkware. It promotes green thinking, a better planet, and a better bottom line.

[1] Wills, A. (2010, June 21). Recycling To-Go Plastics. Retrieved June 2010, from http://earth911.com/news/2010/06/21/recycling-to-go-plastics/

[2] Wills, A. (2010, May 24). The Numbers on Plastics. Earth911.com. Retrieved June 2010 from http://earth911.com/news/2010/05/24/the-numbers-on-plastics/

Join the conversation: How is your company celebrating Earth Day? How has your company taken steps towards going green?

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