Buying Promotional Wall Calendars like a Pro

What form of advertising will customers willingly let you use to promote your business on their wall, for a year, at no charge?

If you said Wall Calendars you’re absolutely right! Whether it’s your first time ordering calendars or you’re looking to improve your calendar game we have a few tips that will have you choosing your promotional wall calendars like a pro.


Style: Multi-Page, Appointment, Single Sheet or Window Ad?

  • Multi-Page – Each page is a single sheet bound at the top with an imprint on each page. These calendars are typically of higher quality and are used as a decorative reference.
  • Single Sheet (year-at-a-glance) – These promotional wall calendars feature 12 months on one sheet with an imprint. Perfect for scheduling/planning times with multiple users.
  • Appointment – Sheets are bound in the center with space for notes on the pad and the imprint hanging below the pad. These calendars are daily reminders and personal scheduling tools.
  • Roll Calendar – One large image sheet with imprint below it. Calendar pad is below the image and removed each month. Large size and pictorial image are perfect for hanging in public areas.

Bindings: Spiral, Wire-o, Stapled or Tin?

  • Spiral – A spiral wire or plastic strip which is passed through holes along the edge of the sheets. This binding stays flat and stands up to wear and tear, but it can be more expensive to ship.
  • Wire-O – Double-looped metal is passed through holes along the edge of sheets. Attractive finish, high quality, but more expensive.
  • Stapled – Wire staples are inserted at the fold in the sheet to bind the calendar. Less expensive then spiral binding, but pages may tear with excessive use, it and doesn’t lay flat.
  • Tin Strip – Tin strip binds single pages together with a hanging loop. Typically used on multi-page calendars. Binding hangs flat and helps with “roll” mailing.


Promotional wall calendars are offered in a multitude of sizes depending on the style you choose. Keep in mind your distribution method and how your audience uses them when choosing your calendars. Handing out a 37”x 24” year-at-a-glance calendar at a tradeshow would be inconvenient for recipients, but hanging a mini 6”x13” calendar on a factory wall probably won’t be very useful either.


If mailing your imprinted calendars is part of your marketing plan make sure to look for packaging/mailer options on the calendar you choose. Some styles include envelopes in the pricing and have options for inserting, chipboard backers and gift envelopes.

When to Buy

The best time to purchase calendars is January through April. Early order pricing is usually available during these months with a significant reduction in cost and ensure there aren’t any stock issues. You can try to wait until November and December for closeout pricing, but styles and stock can be limited and leave you with a short time for distribution during a busy time of year.

Imprint: Stock, Custom, Stock with Custom Options

  • Stock calendars – A simple imprint is usually best when using a stock calendar design. Most advertisers imprint their logo and contact information. To give your calendar a little marketing kick, add a slogan or call-to-action to insure your audience knows exactly when and why to contact you.
  • Custom calendars – This is a calendar designed exactly to your specifications and is exclusive to you. The advantage of a custom calendar is that you can include images of your products and list all of your services.
  • Stock calendars that can be customized: Rather than designing a full calendar, we have calendars that are stock styles that you can add a custom image, a coupon page, an insert sheet with your mission statement or letter to your clients.

Now that you are in the know it’s time to order your promotional calendars for next year. Contact your HALO Account Executive for ordering information and help finding the right stock calendar or help building a custom calendar perfect for your organization.

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