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4 Reasons to Buy American Made Promotional Products

97885864-[Converted]Early summer is a very patriotic time with Memorial Day (May 30th) , Flag Day (June 14th) and Independence Day (July 4th) taking place within a 5-week span. With that patriotic spirit in mind, here are four reasons to buy American made promotional products. I’ve also provided a small selection of promotional products made in the U.S.A. that would be perfect for your patriotic holiday giveaways. (Order now to guarantee you’re stocked up before your first big patriotic event.)

  1. Product Safety – One of the biggest advantages of domestic manufacturers is product safety. American suppliers have a well-earned reputation for safe promotional products. Domestic manufacturers have a better understanding of U.S. regulations including the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and California’s Proposition 65. In fact, many of these manufacturers can show the same safety documentation on the domestically produced raw materials as well as their finished goods.
  1. Inventory – Another advantage of working with American suppliers is inventory availability. Domestic manufacturers have shorter production times and can more easily adjust their inventory levels and production schedules as demand dictates. No boats to wait on or hold-ups in customs causing you to miss event dates.
  1. Support the Home Team – Buying American made products comes with the assurance that factories are providing safe working environments. Factories in the U.S. must follow stringent laws across the board regarding the environment, working conditions, labor laws and wages. Buying American made products assures job stability and keeps the money in the American economy.
  1. Image – All of the positive attributes associated with buying American made products such as supporting American workers, quality, and safety are transferred to your brand when the recipient of the product knows it is made in the U.S.

Nine Made in the U.S.A. product ideas for your summer patriotic holiday giveaways.

View full list of American made products here.

By purchasing American made products, you are not only supporting the American economy and business, you are supporting American workers. Purchasing these products will ensure that the suppliers who manufacture them will continue to provide jobs with fair wages, benefits and good working conditions.

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