Pen and Paper Still Reign: Journals Make Their Comeback


We are totally immersed in digital technology day in and day out, and this has prompted more and more students and employees to begin bringing laptops and mobile devices everywhere.  Phones and computers have infiltrated classes and workplace meetings; we are rarely without some sort of technology.  So, you’d think this would aid us in our day to day lives and improve the process of taking notes, retaining information, etc.? Unfortunately, when it comes to taking notes that notion is wrong.

Taking Notes vs. Typing Notes

Why is that notion wrong? There are a few reasons why researchers have found that physically writing notes by hand helps you remember and retain information better.  NPR reports that the physical act of taking notes – that delay between when you hear the information and when you write it down – gives you the time you need to process it and summarize it into notes.  Seeing your own handwriting when reviewing the notes later can also serve as a memory cue, allowing you to access that information that you stored away (

When you have the ability to quickly type the information that you are hearing and transpose it verbatim, your brain isn’t really processing it.  You need to be able to summarize the information that you are hearing, and write it down in a way that makes sense to you to really soak it in.

Additionally, Scientific American found that while laptops seem helpful, they’re mostly just a distraction.  Have you ever been in a meeting when a coworker has brought their laptop? You know all of that typing they are doing can’t all be related to the task at hand, right? We are much more likely to be distracted by email, social media or even shopping on Amazon when we have our computers at our disposal (

Promotional Journals and Custom Branded Notebooks Are Back

People between the ages of 20-40 are those most likely to purchase journals or notebooks for their everyday tasks (  Just because this group is digitally native doesn’t mean that they can’t appreciate the art of a good note taking session, or even a doodle at that.

Next time you are working on a promotional campaign that requires a giveaway or gift for someone in that group, why not go with a classic customizable journal? The decoration area on journals and notebooks are typically large, so your brand will get maximum exposure in a cost effective way.  Need some inspiration to get the wheels turning? Here are just a few of the many ways that journals and notebooks can be used in your Marketing efforts:

  • Annual Sales Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Back to School Giveaways
  • New College Student Welcome
  • Tradeshow Prizes
  • Customer Appreciation Gifts

Now, let’s talk product. The Pedova Soft Bound JournalBook is one of our favorites:


This soft and pliable journal comes in 9 colors, so you can find one that matches your brand perfectly.  Perfect for Welcome Student gifts, the built in elastic closure keeps the flexible cover in place and the document pocket on the back cover stores papers or thin belongings.

If you’re looking for a new twist on health conscious giveaways – we’ve got you. May we suggest the Coordinator Notebook:


Coming in at 5.5 x 7 inches, this small notebook is the perfect gym companion.  Use this notebook as a way to kick start your company’s wellness program.  Employees will be able to jot down their food intake for the day, how they’re feeling and what exercises they performed at the gym.

Need a professional looking notebook that can be used in executive meetings or client presentations? Look no further than the Dovana JournalBook:


This snazzy number has an elastic pen loop, a tap and loop closure, and a business card slot – ideal for business meetings.

Ready to take about how a branded journal or notebook can take your next promotion to a new level? We’d love to chat about your options! Contact us.

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