Planning Your Company’s Summer Field Day

Planning the annual summer picnic, field day or outing can take months of preparation. By aligning the event with your overall brand goals however, you can create a more positive company culture, boost employee morale and maximize your marketing ROI. You might even have a little fun on the big day! Here are our top tips for promoting your employee’s well-being and showcasing your brand during summer outings and field days:

Stick to a Theme

A generic field day can feel like any standard team-building exercise, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Select an evocative theme to organically decide on fun outdoor activities, design your invitations, reminders and promotional swag for the event. There is no need to come up with a completely original idea – themes like luau, safari, the wild west, or even something as straightforward as a beach party will inform your planning.

Let’s say you’ve closed out a successful Q1. Why not host a spring-themed company picnic to “spring” into the next quarter? Food options naturally fall into place: salads, fruit, hors d’oeuvres, lemonade and wine. You can begin with a hike, transition into a picnic and end with a raffle under a canopy of flowers.

Structure Your Event Around a Raffle

Speaking of raffles, when you finalize the agenda for the day, save your big-ticket event until the end so employees stick around for the duration of your outing. The best way to get everyone involved is to choose unique and fun prizes, especially if families and children are in on the action.

For big giveaways, think bigger than paid time-off or company gear. Include attention-grabbing prizes like a scrumptious tower of sweets that will make children eager to participate. Even better, choose prizes that tie-in to your theme. For example, a barbecue-themed company outing could award items like an elite folding sports chair or a portable gas grill to the lucky raffle winners.

Create Event-Specific Gear

When you split into teams and participate in various games and activities, this step is fairly straightforward. Each department can create a different-colored version of the event shirt and proudly wear their swag long after the company outing. By gifting employees promotional apparel you can maximize impressions outside of the office.

T-shirts are a proven promotional powerhouse, but branch out to include gear that your employees will find useful and stylish. Activewear is becoming increasingly popular and if you are hosting outdoor games, activewear is a logical choice for your giveaways. Consider including a hat as well: caps make over 3,100 impressions in their lifetime, according to the ASI Impressions Study.

Raise Social Media Visibility

Establish your brand messaging and reach potential customers on social media by creating hashtags for your event. Offer incentives like game advantages or increased raffle entries to employees who post photos of your outing on social media, tag your brand and include relevant hashtags.

Telling the story of your company field day on multiple platforms will establish your brand as one with a thriving company culture. In addition to reaching potential customers, this strategy will also attract top talent for your ongoing recruitment efforts.

Talk to your HALO Account Executive to brainstorm more ways of incorporating branded promotional products into your next summer outing. And remember, once all of your planning is in place, take the time to enjoy yourself!

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