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PopSockets seem to have taken the world by storm over the last couple of months; don’t believe me? Simply take a walk down the street or stroll around your local mall. It won’t take long to see someone with the adhesive disc stuck to the back of their phone.

If you’re not in the mood to step outdoors, simply scroll through social media where celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Serena Williams, Ryan Seacreast, Michael Phelps and Jared Leto have all posted about this trendy phone accessory — it even has it’s own hashtag!

For those of you who may not have heard all the rave about PopSockets yet; PopSockets are small, plastic contraptions that have an adhesive you can stick to the back of your phone. The discs can then be pulled out in an accordion-like fashion using, as the website calls it, “expanding magic.” It can be used as a phone grip, a phone stand or an earbud wrap. See the below image via PopSockets.com for a more detailed illustration of the product’s capabilities:

PopSockets functions: phone grip, video chat, tablet grip, media stand, texting grip, cord wrap

Given how quickly this product has seemed to explode onto the market, some news sources such as USA Today and The Independent have even questioned if PopSockets are the new Fidget Spinners.

One thing that truly makes PopSockets stand out, other than the product itself, is how the owner chose to market the product. The Daily Camera, a local newspaper in Boulder, CO. where the founder, David Barnett, is based out of, conducted an interview and asked about his marketing techniques surrounding the tech piece.

David said they have found that social media is a huge driving force for their sales. They did a marketing partnership with YouTube star, Jenna Marbles, where she designed her own line and followed up with a partnership with another YouTube star, CutiePie.

He is quoted in the article saying,

“Just that awareness is powerful at creating word of mouth because everything else we’ve done has been organic. We haven’t taken out ads, we don’t invest a lot in search engine optimization, and we’ve really only done those two marketing (campaigns). Lots of people are finding it organically.”

Clearly what he’s doing is working. David said they sold more than 20 times the volume each month in 2016 than they sold during the same month in 2015. As of August 2016 he said revenue was 2,000 percent higher than August 2015 revenue.

With the hype of this product being so huge,  the promo industry didn’t hesitate to jump on board with the PopSocket craze. It makes perfect sense! A PopSocket has the perfect placement for advertising and allows for a versatile imprint area.

According to PopSockets.com, the average person makes 8,000 estimated public texts and calls per year. This translates into 8,000 impressions per PopSocket per year — so about 1670 impressions per dollar you spend.  They even created this mini infographic to demonstrate the effectiveness of a PopSocket:


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Of course we had to jump on the bandwagon, let’s be honest, PopSockets are great promos! We’ve even included them in our most recent corporate mailers that our sales force sends out to clients and prospects.

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