Promotional Keychain Buying Guide

Custom promotional keychains are among the most popular low-cost promos because they are useful to consumers and clients across numerous demographics. Because usefulness is the most important factor when recipients decide to keep a promotional item, keychains are the third best-selling affordable promotional item behind pens and pencils.

However, with the sheer volume of options and high degree of customization at HALO Branded Solutions, selecting a final design for your promotional keychain can be difficult. To help make your decision process easier, here are our top suggestions for buying each major type of marketing keychain.

Customizable Keychains — When you have a clear and unique vision for your promotional keychain, order promos that allow you to fully customize the shape and color of the keychain tag. Unique shapes are more memorable and feel different in the client’s hand. Bring your mascot or logo to life with a custom-shape keychain.

Multi-Function Keychains — Keychains that double as a useful accessory are logical choices for marketing campaigns targeting niche industries. Advertising the release of your latest light beer? Give away promotional bottle opener keychains that sport your logo and allow customers to conveniently open your new beverage. Hoping to get your brand messaging in front of DIY fanatics? Try a tape measure keychain.

Keychains With Lights — These are a subcategory of multi-functional keychains that are such a hit, we had to call them out on their own! Light keychains turn on and off at the flip of a switch or a press of a button, helping you quickly find something when it slips under your car seat or into your large purse. Flashlight keychains have a positive connotation and branding potential that aligns with many types of campaigns. Campaign taglines such as  “let our services light the way” or “our products are always a bright idea” make the connection between your services and brand.

Custom Carabiners — Constructed of metal, custom carabiners naturally last longer than standard keychains and are an effective marketing solution if you cater to an active audience. Carabiners aren’t designed to snugly fit in a pocket — rather, they allow people to attach several keys, a wallet, a reusable water bottle, or employee passes in one convenient place. They can be easily clipped to any bag or belt loop, increasing brand awareness while they perform a convenient function. With carabiner keychains, your brand name is either screen printed or engraved to remain clearly legible while in use.

Shape Keychains — Choose between clever and strong shapes that match your industry or promotion. At HALO Branded Solutions, we offer keychains in popular shapes like houses, shamrocks, number one’s, hearts, vehicles, flags, and even cowboy boots. Build a strong presence in your community and show state pride with one of HALO’s 50 state-shaped keychains. Want to keep it simple? We also offer square and round keychains to keep the emphasis on your logo and message.

Variable Data Imprinting — Can your brand benefit from a loyalty membership? Add a unique code to your promotional key tags to track member data. Variable data imprints are useful for fitness centers, libraries, retail stores, and even school booster clubs. Members will love the easy access provided by a simple scan of their card.

Unsure what type of promotional keychain will rack up impressions and maximize your ROI? Contact your HALO Account Executive to discuss options and begin the ordering process. With the wide variety of styles, color schemes, and imprint possibilities at HALO, the power to create an affordable and effective promotional keychain is in your hands.

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