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HALO Branded Solutions

I had the pleasure to be a part of the HALO Branded Solutions family this summer as an intern to the Marketing and E-Commerce teams. Now that my internship comes to a close, I get a chance to reminisce on my experience with HALO. The company made me feel valued every step of the way; from the welcome gift bag to all the compliments on my work that boosted my confidence. Through HALO, I became a part of the Advertising Specialty Institute’s new internship program that helped educate over 108 interns from 69 companies about the promotional products industry.

HALO Branded SolutionsI received a “Welcome to the Industry” gift bag from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) within the first couple weeks of my internship. The bag contained a plethora of useful promotional products. I specifically loved the portable charger, headphones, and water bottle which I kept at my desk every day to help make the work day better! Receiving the gift bag sparked my interest to learn more about the amazing opportunities that ASI had for interns.

One of the opportunities provided to me by HALO and ASI was to attend the ASI Show in Chicago, IL where I got to visit many of the 700+ exhibitors. This event truly opened my eyes to how massive the industry is and how there are infinite options for businesses to use promotional products to promote their business and stand out in their industry.

AHALO Branded SolutionsSI has attracted 166 millennials like me, from 125 companies to teach us how fun and profitable the promotional product industry can be. Thanks to ASI, I can view educational webinars at my own pace that educate me on industry topics including an industry overview and digital marketing. I even have the chance to win a $1,000 ASI scholarship to help pay for my continued education.

I firmly believe that millennials, like myself, truly excel when they feel valued. HALO and ASI understand that the promotional product industry is about understanding changing preferences and reaching new audiences. Through all the amazing opportunities and gifts that I have received from HALO and ASI, I feel valued and motivated to leave my mark, even if it is small, on the promotional product industry.

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