Real Life Promos: Blue Apron “Secret Ingredient”

Real Life Promos - Blue Apron

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and in addition to all of the wonderful things in life that we can be grateful for, many of us also have that delicious Thanksgiving meal on our minds. In celebrating delicious home cooked meals, I thought I would share a delightful little promo piece I received just the other day.

I love to cook, so to try and expand my palate and waste less groceries (I tend to buy more than we can cook in a given week), I started subscribing to Blue Apron. (Note: This is not a HALO endorsement for Blue Apron. I subscribe to Blue Apron on my own, unaffiliated with HALO.) If you don’t know, Blue Apron is a meal delivery subscription service. The company delivers intriguing recipes and all of the raw materials you’ll need to cook them to patrons weekly.

Blue Apron’s business model is pretty genius. Not being an employee, this is how I assume it works: The meal plans are the moneymakers, but they also make decent money on upsells. They offer an array of kitchen products (all pictured and used in each of their recipes) and a wine subscription (featuring wines that pair perfectly with the meals). Genius, right? So with every box we receive, I also receive special coupons and incentives for the kitchen gear and wine club. So far, I have not bitten, but the latest effort is my favorite.

Every Blue Apron box comes with ingredients for each meal individually wrapped in little zip lock baggies, labeled so that there’s no confusion about what is in it. My last box included a “secret ingredient”:

Inside? A wine cork imprinted with a special offer for new subscribers.

There are two major takeaways from this simple, yet brilliant promo item:

  1. Use what you have. I imagine that Blue Apron has MANY little plastic baggies sitting around waiting to be labeled and filled. Instead of investing in new packaging for their promo, they likely used something they already had in stock. A great way to reduce inventory!
  2. The world of promos is vast — if you have a vision, your HALO Account Executive can probably make it happen. Even if you think your ideas are crazy or impossible, don’t be afraid to ask. You may be surprised at the promo items out there. (Hint: almost anything can be customized with your logo.)

Share your favorite promotional products in the comments section below or on the HALO Facebook page.

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