Real Life Promos: Patient Giveaways

Real Life Promos: Patient Giveaways | HALO Branded SolutionsThink of all the goods and services you buy in a given week. Every time you go to the dentist, you likely walk out with a toothbrush. When children get shots, they can expect to be rewarded by the pediatrician with a sticker. If you wear glasses, you know that a new pair usually comes with a case, a cleaning cloth and some cleaning spray.

We all have received items like these, but how often are these items actually used to promote the business? I’ve been wearing glasses for over 15 years, and to be honest, the little cleaning cloth and spray do not always feature my doctor’s information. As a marketer, I see this as a completely wasted opportunity. Due to moving around a lot in the past 10 years, I have not been extremely loyal to one optometrist. An additional bit of branding on the supplies used to clean my glasses helps me remember where I went last time. That way next time I need to make an appointment, I’ll stay loyal as long as I’m in the area.

Interested in making the most of your business’s giveaways? Here are a few tips inspired by my new glasses care products:

  1. Take advantage of co-branding.

Why do so many business owners miss this easy branding opportunity? Many businesses receive these giveaway items for free from sponsors or sales reps. It’s common to see logos from brands associated with a particular industry on the giveaway items instead of your doctor’s name. Those brands are trying to market to you, and your doctor is happily passing along the free items. What should they do instead? Ask about a co-branding opportunity. My new glasses cleaner largely displays the name of my eye care facility, but there is also a logo from a glasses company. Win-win!

  1. Don’t skimp on quality.

If you’re a trusted expert in your field, the last thing you want to do is give a cheap, low-quality product to your clients. Give them something that you would use yourself. Is my new cleaning cloth the best, top of the line, microfiber cloth out there? Probably not. Do I trust that I can use it safely to clean my glasses without fear of scratching them? Absolutely. You can find wellness promotional items that are both affordable and trustworthy. Request samples before making a purchase and ask your HALO Account Executive for suggestions.

  1. Don’t ask, just give.

If the receptionist asked me if I wanted a new cleaning cloth and spray for my glasses, I probably would’ve said no. I’m sure I have some at home, somewhere. Instead, they gave me the cloth and spray as part of the entire package – no choice. If you’re giving your items to qualified recipients (in this case, only patients who purchase glasses), then it’s not much of a risk to your marketing dollars. You know the product is in the hands of a qualified buyer, and they’ll likely be grateful for the useful gift! (Note: There are times when further qualifying a prospect or client for a giveaway is important, usually in the case of higher-end, gift-like items. Every promotional campaign is different. Discuss your giveaway options with your HALO Account Executive.)

Have you received a freebie recently? Share your “Real Life Promos” on HALO’s Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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