Reusable Totes 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Eco-Friendly Promos

Plastic disposable bags are usually the “default” bag used at supermarkets and drugstore chains but they can be costly to our environment and economy. Reusable bags can easily be used as an eco-friendly substitute — not to mention it’s a savvy way to advertise your business.

Reusable bags can be used for various types of outings and are comfortable to carry — the benefits of reusable bags seem almost endless.

By purchasing, and using, reusable bags customers can endorse a company or brand they support, make a socially conscious fashion statement and even create a brand association with eco-friendliness.

Retailers and grocery stores spend millions of dollars on “free” disposable bags every year – a cost that could be eliminated if consumers would use reusable bags instead to carry their purchases home.

In fact, just recently the city of Chicago implemented a 7 cents per plastic bag tax for shoppers; not to mention many metropolitan American cities as well as European countries follow a similar trend. The demand for reusable bags seems higher now more than ever!

When businesses provide their customers with promotional canvas bags that proudly bear their colorful logo and maybe a website URL, they can count on the fact that they will not only be scoring “good will” points with their customers and earning their loyalty, they will also gain exposure every time the customer uses that bag in everyday life. It’s like a portable billboard!

Create a bond with potential customers by making your bags as fashionable as possible. Use specific-purpose bags to provide more function and a sharper image.

Below are just a few of HALO’s reusable tote options to choose from.

A visit to the grocery store, a trip to the gym, carrying lunch to the office – these are all ways that consumers gain advertising impressions for a business when they tote their promotional canvas bags with them.

To make sure your reusable canvas bags last longer, keep in mind these five tips:

  1. Wash your canvas bags at least once a month. Reusable bags that are made with natural fibers – such as cotton, bamboo or hemp – can be machine washed using a mild laundry detergent and either tumbled in the dryer or air-dried.
  2. Dry before storing to prevent moisture build up and mold.
  3.  Rub the insulated sides with a disinfectant-soaked towel if your reusable canvas bags are insulated. Pay particular attention to the seams, where food particles and bacteria collect.
  4. Store your promotional canvas bags in your home in a cool, dry place. If you keep your promotional canvas bags in your car trunk, bacteria are more likely to grow in your bags since they are in a dark – and sometimes moist – environment.
  5. Use separate bags for meats, seafood, produce, household cleaning products, etc. to prevent bacterial contamination, You can label your reusable canvas bags so you’ll remember what goes where.

To learn more about reusable bags check out HALO’s infographic here.



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