Round Up of Best Back to School Promotional Products

It’s hard to believe that back-to-school time is already here. It has me thinking more and more about school promotional items. This is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of students, parents and teachers.

Why should you provide students with promotional back to school items? We outlined a number of reasons a few weeks ago when we first started thinking about Back to School Promos. When corporate sponsors provide students with promotional items for schools, parents get to cross off those products from their school supply list. School giveaways can be imprinted with any brand but are especially effective when they include the school’s name and messaging, to unify the student body and boost school spirit among students faculty.

I always thought of school supply lists as sort of a snapshot of the coming school year; they encapsulate what’s to come. So, which school promotional items would I include in HALO’s back to school supply list? There are thousands of products to choose from, but see below for a few favorites!

Below, I’ve listed my top five picks in a roundup of best back to school promotional products. When it comes to promotional items for schools, these products earn an A+.

1.Supply Kit


Help kids stay on schedule and ahead of deadlines by getting organized with a handy carry-all kit. A pouch school kit that includes pencils as well as a ruler, eraser, and pencil sharpener will help them keep track of their supplies. They’ll always be prepared and composed with a handy tote that conveniently offers plenty of room for the school’s logo and/or messaging.


HALO Branded Solutions

School is synonymous with note-taking, highlighters are highly desirable among students yet cost-effective for schools and their sponsors. Look for single color options or something more unique like a  flower-shaped 5 prong highlighter that is both cool-looking and ultra-useful. Students can choose any or all of five colors – including yellow, green, blue, pink, and orange – to color-code their highlights and homework notes.

3. Sticky Notes


Schools can help students tag important pages of their textbooks with promotional sticky notes. HALO offers many products that combine sticky notes with sticky flags in a convenient holder. Ask about Eco-friendly options to encourage students to think about the environment along with their studies.

4.Recyclable Notebook & Pen Set


Piggyback the Eco-friendly sticky note pack with a spiral notebook made from recycled paper. You can also find Eco-friendly pens with recycled components. An entire set will help drive home your “going green” message.

5.Bookmark/Tool Combo


When students need to read the fine print of a textbook, a bookmark/magnifier tool will come in handy. Multi-function school promotional items cut down on the number of items a student has to carry in their backpack meaning they’ll use the item with your logo more often.

These are just a few of the thousands of promotional products available on Contact HALO today to learn which back-to-school products will make the grade for your campaign!

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