Scholarship Opportunity & Career Ideas for Marketing Enthusiasts

Do you know a future marketer who could use a little financial boost towards his or her higher education? HALO recently announced a new scholarship contest – first prize: $3,000 towards an undergraduate degree.Scholarship Contest

The contest is open to high school seniors and college undergrads with a passion for marketing. Do these future marketing superstars need to be working towards a marketing degree? Absolutely not. These days, marketing touches many fields, and students studying a variety of majors are, in one way or another, studying marketing.

What types of marketing-related jobs are available to someone who doesn’t major in marketing?

Graphic Designer: Many art students find graphic design positions on marketing or advertising teams. Their creativity might get them there, but it takes more than an artistic eye to succeed. The designer must consider the brand elements in every aspect of his or her designs. There will usually be a style guide to follow for fonts, colors, and logo placement. Sometimes it will be the designer’s responsibility to create a new style guide according to the brand pillars.

Public Relations Specialist: Students who study journalism and/or communications choose a career in public relations. They’ll work with marketers on promoting brand awareness, crisis management and new product launches and events. They will need to understand their clients’ audience and core brand messages.

Salesperson: A business degree may be helpful for a successful career in sales. Good salespeople know how to market themselves and their products. How do you build a client base and retain those clients? Marketing.

Product Managers & Merchandisers:  Product managers and merchandisers need to know what products align with their brands and what type of in-store and online merchandising will work for their audiences. Business and economics are only two of many degrees that would be helpful to a product manager or merchandiser.

Social Media Managers, Content Writers, SEO Specialists & Web Development: The internet continues to be one of the first places people turn to when looking for products and services. As companies put more effort into online presence, new job opportunities emerge. People with a variety of backgrounds can succeed in the online world. A major in English, journalism or communications is helpful for social media and content writing jobs. More technical knowledge is important for careers in search engine optimization and website/app development.

The world of marketing is not limited to students with a marketing degree. Can you think of other marketing-related careers for non-marketing majors? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.

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