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End of the year and holiday planning time has begun, and HALO has a number of seasonal items on special. This quarter’s BrandED by HALO features ideas for awards and recognition programs, holiday gifts and food gifts. Take advantage of these sales and order early to avoid stress as the year ends.

Acknowledge Achievements with Awards

Whether your organization gives annual service awards to employees or implements an incentive program with your sales force, you want an award that represents your brand in the best possible way. Give an award that will make them proud to display so you can be sure it doesn’t end up collecting dust in a closet. This quarter’s BrandED items include awards for many types of occasions. The awards below are examples of completely custom award designs. You can create something completely unique for your brand.


Holiday Gifts

Looking for gifts for top clients, employees or executives? From corporate-style promotional backpacks and jackets to kitchenware and tech items, BrandED by HALO has something for everyone on your list. These holiday gifts range in price, too, so you’ll find something to fit your budget. Whether you need hundreds of gifts or just a handful, HALO has many options appropriate for various audiences. Below are just a few examples of the many giftable items you’ll find on sale from HALO.


Food Gifts

Food gifts are a safe bet no matter what the occasion — everyone loves gourmet goodies! Not only are they almost universally appreciated, many food gifts are shareable, too. You can save by sending one large food gift instead of many individual smaller gifts.

For more award options, corporate gift ideas and food gifts on sale, visit If you want help choosing a gift or are interested in a sample or virtual proof, contact HALO today.

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