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5 Products to Pass Out at Your Spring 5K

When the weather is cooperative, a 5K race is a great event to raise funds for an important cause, as well as create camaraderie among your employees and their families. Sponsoring a 5K is a bit of a juggling act. … Continue reading »

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Embroidered Apparel

Whether you’re ordering embroidered apparel for an employee recognition initiative or corporate philanthropy event, selecting the right type of embroidered apparel is an important part of the buying process. For instance, if you are planning an event for executives, you … Continue reading »

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How to Make Your Corporate Uniforms Last Longer

Corporate uniforms are great advertisers for your brand because employees repeatedly wear them. As a result, employees wearing your corporate uniforms become brand advocates for your company. This means more impressions for your brand from a trustworthy source. Of course, … Continue reading »

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Trend Watch: Neutral Palettes

  “What’s trending?” It’s a question you ask us often. The best part? It’s a question we love answering. Utilizing lots of research, our team compiles the promotional products that reflect the trends you’re seeing in retail stores, online, and … Continue reading »

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Top Wearable Promotional Products That People Will Actually Wear

Promotional apparel is a smart way to spread your brand message – your audience wears your logo and spreads the message to everyone they meet. The problem? Just because it’s wearable, doesn’t mean it will be worn.  If you’re considering … Continue reading »

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