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Any time someone sends food to the HALO office, it immediately draws a crowd of people ready to dive into it, always asking, “Who sent it?”  When it comes to finding the perfect gift, gourmet goodies always make a good impression. While popcorn tins and roasted nuts are classic go-to’s, the world of promotional food goes beyond what you’ll find in a typical grocery store.

What makes food gifts so great (other than the fact that they’re delicious)?

Corporate Food Gifts | HALO Branded SolutionsThey’re not dependent on demographics.

With gourmet food gifts, you do not have to worry about age, gender, occupation or any other demographics you might want to know when purchasing a gift. There’s no need to wonder if the recipient will have a use for your gift because we all use food gifts the same way – we eat them.

They’re shareable.

Gourmet food gifts are easy crowd pleasers. Your organization can save time and money by sending one gift instead of many. Additionally, you will avoid the awkward process of deciding who gets a gift in a given office. Consider your top client – you want to show appreciation for their business, but who deserves a gift? Does everyone in the office get something? Do you only send something to the CEO and risk relationships with your other contacts at the company? Send a gourmet food gift large enough for everyone to share and avoid the hassle and stress of choosing who to send to.

There’s something for everybody.

While popcorn tins certainly have their place, the world of gourmet food gifts offers more than the traditional tin. From candies and mints to truffles, meat and cheese trays and fruit, you can find something to suit anyone’s taste buds. Many gourmet gifts are available in collectible containers, too. Ask about something that matches your industry or your recipient’s industry so they’ll have a keepsake on their desk long after the food is gone.

You can get retail brands.

If you’re set on giving a retail brand gift, food can still be an option. Ask your HALO Account Executive about the brand name food you want. Brands like Jelly Belly, Ghirardelli, Harry & David and Mrs. Fields all offer promotional food gifts.

You can create your own gift package, basket or kit.

Want a tower of gourmet nuts, yogurt covered pretzels and chocolates? It can happen. Need an assortment of healthy snacks to hand out after a run? Got it. Want to build a kit for sundaes, s’mores or movie night? You can. Want your brand to be on the edibles? We can do it. Pretty much anything you want to happen with food can be done. Have a fun new idea for your next promotion? Just ask your HALO Account Executive to look into it, and it may become a reality.

Are you hungry for a delicious promotion? Contact HALO today to request samples and virtual proofs.


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