Technology Meets Calendars – Introducing Pixaction

We live in a tech-savvy, digital world, and with everything from letters to books moving to screens, how can paper calendars still be relevant? In a recent post, we discussed some of the benefits of sticking with paper calendars, but companies are also looking for ways to combine the digital and paper worlds. Our friends at BIC®have done just that with the new Pixaction calendars.


What is Pixaction?

Pixaction uses augmented reality or “AR” to bring calendar artwork to life. Rather than having a still image on a calendar, your clients have something that can entertain them right at their desks. It’s the perfect way to escape for a minute on a busy work day and to really make an impact with your customers.



How does it work?

Pixaction calendars work with the Pixaction app, available in the Apple® and Google® Play stores. Bringing your calendar to life is easy!

  1. Open the Pixaction app.
  2. Center your camera over the image (turning your tablet or phone sideways).
  3. Tap the image and watch it come to life.

Watch this video from BIC to see it in action:

What videos do you have?

Pixaction calendars are available in an array of videos from wildlife to beautiful aerials to tranquil scenery. If you don’t see what you want, contact HALO. You can even create a completely custom calendar using your brand’s own videos.

How can my brand benefit?

  1. You’ll stand out among the competition with the only calendar that comes to life!
  2. When recipients want to clear their minds to start the day or step away from a stressful project for a minute, they’ll turn to your unique calendar and see your branding at the bottom of the page.
  3. Your brand videos can be sitting on their desk all year. Contact HALO to create a COMPLETELY custom calendar using your own product demos, commercials or other branded messages.

Want to try it yourself? Download the Pixaction app and try it here

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One Response to Technology Meets Calendars – Introducing Pixaction

  1. Monica says:

    Pixaction no longer works. Is there an ETA for the fox? Really loved the products possibilities.


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