The Best Uses of Promotional Water Bottles


Did you know that 60 to 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water? Without water, our cells can’t function normally. The fact is, humans need water to survive. Marketers who leverage this need, and help consumers meet it, will succeed.

We’ve created an infographic that shows you how to calculate your sweat rate to determine how much water your body needs while you exercise, as well as which water bottle is right for your workouts. You can find the full infographic here!

How to Stay Hydrated Infographic | HALO Branded Solutions

Gifting consumers with promotional water bottles has good-will appeal. Everybody loves receiving useful gifts such as personalized tumblers with straws that they can take home and use, again and again. Promotional water bottles last for years, and every time consumers use your promotional drinkware, your brand gains exposure and countless impressions.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 53 percent of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware. Half of U.S. consumers who own logoed drinkware use it two to three times a week or more. This is why marketing with promotional water bottles is such a savvy strategy.

Drinkware Stats | HALO Branded Solutions

It’s a win/win: You are helping consumers stay hydrated, and they are helping you promote your brand. But what are the best uses of promotional water bottles?

When to Use Water Bottles

This type of promotional drinkware works best when given at outdoor events such as athletic matches, festivals and concerts, dog park events, golf tournaments and walks. Summer camps and recreational activities are also a natural fit.

Summer is considered the “prime time” to give consumers lightweight promotional drinkware such as custom aluminum water bottles. However, promotional drinkware is also a great choice for fall football games and winter hockey matches. Water bottles are a great choice year-round and never go out of season

Promotional water bottles come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. For instance, custom aluminum water bottles can be engraved with your logo (rather than just imprinted), ensuring your brand remains etched in their mind.

Opt for a style that’s in the highest price point your budget will allow. The longer the shelf life of the product, the greater the potential for brand exposure over the life of the brand.

Raising the Bar on HR

Promotional drinkware is also a great choice for human resources professionals who want to promote their corporate culture and build good will with employees. If your company is hosting a walk-a-thon for a good cause or an all-staff picnic, these are ideal times to gift employees with promotional drinkware.

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