Thoughtful Promotional Gifts for Under $25


We’re officially in the thick of gift giving season. Have you read HALO’s Corporate Gift Giving Guide to help you develop a perfect gift giving strategy? If you’ve defined your audience and determined you need many items for a large group or have some last minute buys and need to stretch your budget, don’t fret. It is possible to find thoughtful gifts for under $25, especially if you are buying large quantities. (Remember, the general rule in promos: the more you buy, the more you save!)

So, you don’t want to look cheap, but you don’t want to wipe out your budget either? Here are a few budget-friendly gift ideas.

Promotional Food Gifts – There are a couple ways to save money on food gifts. The first is to send one food gift to a group of people. The cost per gift may be higher, but you will need to purchase less of them so you could end up saving in the long run. Think popcorn tins, towers of treats, cookies and gourmet cheese and meat.

You also have the option of sending individual, low-cost gourmet goodies. Consider a small sampling of truffles, hot chocolate on a stick and other small-quantity, tasty morsels.

Executive Pens & Promotional Journals – Anyone who spends time in an office appreciates a good pen, and there are some executive pens and pen sets that cost $25 or less. Many pens offer personalization either on the pen itself or on a case. This is an affordable way to show someone that you care. Does your recipient love to write? Pens and journals make the perfect pair!

Promotional Tech Items – Bluetooth speakers and earbuds are universally loved by anyone who enjoys listening to music, podcasts and audio books. You can find mini speakers at a price perfect for gifting to your entire office. Other tech items on your list could be Bluetooth keyboards, phone case/stand and charger sets, and wireless key trackers.

Promotional Apparel – While many apparel items will run more than $25, there are some lower-cost options perfect for teams. Hoodies and hats are a nice place to start. Ask about different color options within your order, so you can get something everyone will enjoy.

Promotional Household Goods – Everyone has a home, so if you’re stuck, consider something your recipients can use in the kitchen, garage or garden. Cheese boards, serving trays, knife sets and wine sets have high-perceived value at affordable prices.

Promotional Drinkware – If giving drinkware as a gift, go for something that isn’t your standard water bottle or coffee mug. Opt for retail brands like Tervis® or Bobble® or a style that’s popular such as double-walled, stainless steel travel cups and Halcyon water bottles.

Promotional Bags – Like apparel, bags can be pricey, but there are some value-priced options that recipients will appreciate. Bags are smart options for employees and team members who you know will put them to good use (especially if they travel frequently).

Now that you have some ideas, remember to place your order sooner rather than later to avoid any need for rush shipping charges and to guarantee you receive your products on time.

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  1. I really like the idea of doing promotional gifts like headphones or USB drives. It makes sense that these could be helpful because they would give the receiver of them something useful. It’s something for anyone to keep in mind when looking at different options for promotional gifts.

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