Three Creative Ways to Combine Calendars and Holiday Cards

Creative ways to combine calendars and holiday cards | HALO Branded Solutions

Everyone loves getting holiday greeting cards when December rolls around.  They boost the holiday spirit and remind us of all the various relationships we value whether the cards are from friends, family or business associates.  Because the winter holidays are at the end of the year and calendars are a necessity, calendars have always made great holiday gifts. Holiday cards have been circulating since 1843 and of course we wouldn’t know when to start sending cards out if we didn’t have calendars…

Here are a few creative ways to combine two traditional holiday gifts, cards and calendars.  When your holiday greeting is a calendar it lasts all year long!

  • Trifold Calendar Cards These calendars are small enough to be mailed like any other holiday card, but because they serve a practical purpose, they won’t get tossed at the end of the holiday season.
  • Customized Advent Calendars  Use a custom design to promote your brand and gift your clients a delicious treats that are sure to keep you top of mind for the holiday season!
  • Completely Custom Calendar Customize a calendar with images that relate to your organization. The calendar can include images of products, events, staff or anything that relates to your clients or peers.

Last year for the first time, HALO put together a 13-month calendar in place of their holiday card. Each month featured a photo of a different department dressed festively in a theme that fit the assigned month.  These calendars were given out in December to Account Executives, employees, key customers and supplier partners. They were very well received and a great way to include a large staff in a holiday greeting all while having some fun!

If you are interested in combining cards with calendars to create a holiday greeting that lasts all year round, contact you HALO Account Executive for ideas today!  The holiday season is almost upon us!

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