Tips for Incorporating Marketing Into Your Sales Strategy

Generating leads and improving brand visibility is the leading sales and marketing challenge for most companies. Despite this broad truth, most marketing and sales departments at major corporations and small businesses rarely interact. This disconnect causes lost leads, failed sales, and lagging growth. Even if you are a sales pro, researching ways to market your business to potential customers who have never heard your brand name will give you an edge over the competition.

Combine sales and marketing to reach more leads – which can become conversions – by trying these proven tips for marketing your business and products:

Engage Across Platforms

The key to successful online marketing is consistency and visibility. You can’t expect to increase your organic sales if your brand is only present on two social channels and rarely posts new content. Hire a full-time online marketing specialist who can craft your brand voice and create posts that utilize hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Generating blog content positions your brand as an expert and a thought leader. It accomplishes this by engaging with customer messages across social media and email, letting your customers know you are a caring and responsive organization.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Retaining customers is mathematically easier than acquiring new ones. The likelihood of selling to an existing customer is at least 50% higher than a new one. A simple solution to maximize sales without finding new leads is to initiate a customer loyalty program. Have customers sign up via email or through an app, and offer rewards and discounts for repeated purchases. Early access to new products and free merchandise after a set amount of purchases are terrific ways to keep customers loyal.

Get Emotional

Online sales increase for any company when they successfully elicit an emotional reaction from users. In some cases, instilling a sense of urgency and time-sensitivity can sway a potential customer to buy now – before it’s too late. Incorporating countdown timers or indicating limited quantities can increase conversions. You can also hire a contract copywriter to engage your audience with vivid product descriptions, and employ the psychology of color to maximize sales simply through aesthetics.

Optimize Online Reviews

In 2019, many consumers won’t buy from your brand if they do a quick online search and come across a negative review. 84% of buyers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so use your resources to increase the amount of positive user reviews online for your brand. Implement an automated email to be sent to a customer after a new product arrives requesting a review on relevant platforms, or utilize apps to automate the process of capturing more product reviews.

Give Away Promotional Items

Most recipients (92%) will keep a promo that is useful – like a tote bag or thermos. Gifting affordable, industry-relevant promotional products at events and popup locations as you start your business will help generate lead information and boost sales.

By offering swag in exchange for information like an email address, you have led potential customers further down the sales funnel while also improving their perception of your brand. Based on demographic research, offer promos based on your target consumer. For example, pens and USB drives are popular in urban zones, while t-shirts are a great bet in rural areas according to Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

Giving away targeted, useful promotional items is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available to companies big and small. Contact a HALO Account Executive today to begin brainstorming how promotional products can increase your customer base and lead to tremendous sales growth.

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