Tips for Using Color in Your Branding

tips_for_using_color_in_your_brandingYou’ve selected the best promotional products to reach your target audience. You’ve perfected your brand logo and have trademarked the best slogan in the business. But time and time again, your marketing efforts fail to deliver the results you expect. What’s happening? The answer could be so obvious that it’s often overlooked: the colors you use in your branding.

Color is visceral, evocative and immediate. Up to 90% of subconscious judgments are based on color and related visual elements. You can’t afford to choose the wrong colors when branding your products and services, so  here are our tips to making the most of the colors in your branding.

For More Impressions, Use Vibrant Color


If you are designing promotional t-shirts for your employees, there are many reasons you may want to stick with black-and-white. You may want to position your brand as professional and sophisticated or to align with existing marketing materials. But if your goal with your next order of promotional products is to grab attention and maximize impressions, try a splash of color.

A colored image or product will hold a potential consumer’s attention almost three times longer than one that is mostly neutral, giving you crucial seconds to store your brand name and logo in the minds of future customers. A tote bag or promotional hat using a vibrant green or orange is scientifically going to stimulate viewers more than a gray or black version.


Choose Simple Color Schemes


Of the Forbes-ranked 100 most valuable brands, 51% of successful brands only use one color in their marketing, while 27% of those brands use two colors. Customers tend to gravitate toward logos and products featuring singular, powerful colors that demonstrate trust and authority.

For context, of the 100 most valuable brands 35% use blue, 30% use red, 23% use black or white, and 20% use yellow or gold in their marketing. Note that some of these overlap with the brands using two colors. While you can choose between dozens of color options for thousands of our promotional products, when we offer limited color choices it is done strategically. We stick to the most proven colors for success like red, blue, green, yellow, and neutral hues.


Consider the Context

Of course, choosing colors based on a Forbes list doesn’t consider the bigger picture. You may not be aiming to crack this list, and instead want colors that convey your unique branding position. You may want to try colors outside of your typical marketing colors for a contained promotional campaign.

In this situation, it’s helpful to know what certain colors convey. Here’s a quick reference:

  • Blue — trust, security, and integrity (often associated with banking and finance)
  • Red — power, passion, energy, and urgency
  • Green — wealth, relaxation, youth (also the best color for indicating sustainability)
  • Yellow — fun, happiness, optimism, and lightheartedness
  • Black — luxury, power, exclusivity, and class
  • Orange — energy, action, and aggression (encouraging a call to action)
  • Purple — calm, tranquility, and care
  • Pink — romance, femininity, and youth

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