Tis the Season for Corporate Gifting


It’s November and the countdown to the holidays has officially begun. To honor the change in the weather, T.V., radio station programming and retail store decoration we offer you 7 simple tips for your corporate holiday gift budget:

  1. Make a List and Check it Twice
    Sit down and actually make a list of clients, vendors and employees you would like to thank this holiday season. By writing recipients down, you not only ensure that you remember everyone, but you also get an accurate count of how many gifts you need.
  2. Stay on Budget
    Create 1-3 tiers based on factors that will affect the type of gift your recipients receive such as value to your organization, tenure or geographic location. Assign recipients to a tier and give each tier a dollar value based the amount of recipients and on your overall budget.
  3. Give Gifts in Person Whenever Possible
    Delivering your holiday gifts in person saves on postage and adds a personal touch to your holiday gifting. Holiday gifts are the perfect excuse to get a little face time with your business contacts and employees.
  4. Consider the Value of Packaging and Branding
    As tempting as it may be to spend the entire budget on the gift, don’t underestimate the impact of gift-wrapping and packaging. Decorating your gift with the company logo or creative messaging about your services reminds your recipients of your business well past the holidays. Check out the article Better Branded Holiday Gifts for more ideas.
  5. Start Early
    By starting early you can avoid the stress of missed in-hands-dates, extended production times or out-of-stock items that can delay your holiday gifts, put you over budget and generally take the fun out of holiday gift giving.
  6. Give a Useful Gift
    By giving a gift that recipients find useful you can extend the life of your seasonal goodwill into the rest of the year.
  7. Don’t Stress Out, Contact an Expert
    Your HALO Account Executive is available to help with all of your holiday gift giving needs. They have the expertise and experience to find you the perfect holiday gifts to fit your budget.

For help planning your holiday gift budget or gift giving ideas contact your HALO Account Executive. For more information and tips on developing a corporate gift giving strategy download our Guide to Corporate Gifting.

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